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Available files:

General introduction in English and French

Guillaux in Sydney (and Bathurst)

Guillaux in Newcastle (First aircraft seen in Newcastle, displays 25 April and July 25)

Lebbeus Hordern's seaplane (first seaplane flight in Australia)

Albury and Wagga Wagga (May 16 to 24 and July 16 1914)

Melbourne 28 May to June 6, Geelong 4 July, the mail flight preparation and take-off

Bendigo and Ballarat; June 7 to June 13, 1914: the unofficial air mail

Adelaide 20 June; also including the airmail flight of 23 November 1917 Adelaide to Gawler (same aircraft)

Seymour and Wangaratta, 16 July 1914

Harden, 16 to 18 July 1914

Goulburn (First aircraft seen in Goulburn) 18 July 1914)

Stamp collectors, history addicts - how to buy a postcard

See also trifold pamphlets showing the 1914 flight (print quality and web page quality)

and the 2014 flight (print quality and web page quality)