Welcome to lockoweb.com

This site is a place to store stuff, related mainly to my former voluntary role as archivist at the Australian Aviation Museum, Bankstown.

This collection is huge (over 140 cubic metres) and contains many remarkable items. It is in the custody of the board of AAMB. I am happy to assist with communication to the board in regard to any matter relevant to the collection.

Digitising the material and making it available on the internet is a new skill for the people involved. If you have a slow internet connection you may find that some large items take too long to load. We are working on this problem and hope to improve things soon.

The best contact for this website is  tomlockley@gmail.com. Current contents are

Cataloguing etc from AAMB

Digitising part of the Wills collection

Data Sbeets for landing grounds, issued by DCA about 1940

Some articles related to Bankstown airfield

Historical notes for heritage assessment 2009 (text only)

Material concerning the 1934 England-Melbourne Air Race


And some useful links

If you have an interest in what this site is trying to achieve, and you might like to help, see this page