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This will be an important part of any flying event.

It is hoped that Australia Post is going to issue a commemorative set of philatelic products as was done for the Guillaux air mail centenary.

In any case there will be at least one commemorative stamp.  Martin Walker, noted air mail expert, is a member of the South Australian Epic Flight Committee  and has sent this informaiton:

The Australian Airmail Society and the SA Philatelic Council have combined forces to form an organising committee to host an aviation and airmail themed philatelic exhibition to be held in Adelaide 6-8 December 2019. This will be known as Aeropex 2019 or Aeropex 19 in the tradition of Aeropex 88, Aeropex 94 (for the 75th Anniversary); and Aeropex 03 (for the Wright Flyer centenary).

Through our membership of the Australian Philatelic Federation exhibits will be invited from comparable Federations in UK, India, China, Indonesia, New Zealand and the US.

Our plans were announced at the World Philatelic Congress only a couple of weekends ago in Bangkok. It is already receiving a lot of enthusiam amongst airmail collectors..

The airmail exhibition will be funded by exhibitor and trade stand fees and also with the proceeds of souvenirs. We have a series of 12 monthly postcards planned between now and the exhibition. These will feature prominent England - Australia flights and the first one has actually being postmarked today with a special pictorial postmark commissioned for promoting airmail collecting, or aerophilately as we know it. Today's postcard features the first regular England - Australia airmail service which left Brisbane on this day in 1934. The January card features the survey flights of the flying boat Centaurus; the February card Bert Hinkler and so on to November when the Smith brothers will be featured. Somewhere in the programme the Airmail Society will also commemorate the centenary of Captain Harry Butler's flights locally and of course the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. .

We hope that if a commemoration flight takes place we will have some philatelic products that can be carried,, with options for local iniitiatives and participation by other philateliic groups.. As more information is available we will pass it on.

Incidentally, the story of the 1919 philatelic exercise is very interesting. According to Eustis Ross and Keith Smith did carry some mail from England and picked up more on the way. A small sticker was affixed to these. A special stamp was made for the Australian mail, technically a non-stamp 'Cinderella' sticker. Mint conditon unused copies are possibly the most costly non-stamp pieces of paper of their size.  There were also considerable philatelic products related to the 1969 air race that commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Smith flight.

Watch this space - and send your comments, suggestions and queries to ahsanswsmithflight@gmail.com