Australia's First Airmail

The story of Maurice Guillaux and related Australian aviation history

Commemorative plaques......

The main aim of the re-enactment was to encourage interest in Australian aviation history.

We would like to record both the achievements of Maurice Guillaux and the events of the re-enactment. All money received from the sale of postcards, stamps and other material can be used to purchase individual plaques to be placed in the appropriate places as per the draft list on the right. Each plaque costs $70.They will go inside a building appropriate to the site.

You can guarantee to have a plaque at your favourite site by spending $70 at our store. There are some great bargains here including stamps at face value, so if you send a lot of letters the cost can be nil!

To see a draft of the plaque suggested for your favourite site, click on the list at the right. Please note that permission to install the plaques has not yet been obtained from many of the sites.

Possible sites....

in (more or less) chronological order.... hyperlinked sites have draft plaques. In many cases we have not at this stage asked permission to instal the plaques. These will be installed inside relevant buildings.

Newcastle: Luskintyre, Showground

Sydney: Victoria Park, Mascot, French consulate,  Powerhouse Museum, Powerhouse Discovery Centre

Seaplane: Double Bay, Rose
, Rathmines

Wagga Wagga: Aero Club, Alliance Francaise, Racecourse, Showground

Albury: Racecourse, Aero Club

Melbourne: AHSA, Flemington Showground / Racecourse, Point Cook020 Flemington.pdf

Bendigo: Showground

Ballarat: Showground

Adelaide: Cheltenham racecourse

Geelong: Racecourse

Seymour: Jordan's Paddock, Mangalore airport

Benalla: Aviation Museum

Wangaratta: Aero Club, Sisley's Paddock (Showground)

Harden: High School, Historical Society, Showground

Goulburn: Airport, Showground

Bowral: Berrima airfield

Bankstown: Clamback and Hennessy, Australian Aviation Museum