Australia's First Airmail

The story of Maurice Guillaux and related Australian aviation history


The main aim of the website (and the re-enactment as a whole) is to collect historical information and to make it readily available. Therefore anything on this site may be used for any purpose, with acknowledgements.

The most important are

Maurice Guillaux: Pioneer French Airman in Australia
the best account so far of his life and times.

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Version in French: HTML  PDF   MS Word    Small PDF

Account of the 2014 re-enactment flight.

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Australia's First Seaplane: Lebbeus Hordern's Farman seaplane, flown by Maurice Guillaux on May 8, 1914.
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Also available:

Pilots' handbook for the re-enactment flight, prepared by flight director Tony Coleiro

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Reprint of Maurice Guillaux: France's Forgotten Pioneer Airman in Australia, by Tom Lockley, printed in The French Australian Review, published by the Institute for the Study of French-Australian relations, Melbourne University. A few original copies of this article are available at no cost, contact

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Prior to the flight, a range of historical pamphlets and other material was produced, and word, .pdf and .htm files can be accessed at


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The full story...

Over the next few years we hope to produce a definitive biography of the life and times of Maurice Guillaux: the draft in progress can be seen here (word file) and any assistance is greatly appreciated. Especially needed is information about the period 1902 to 1912 and from the beginning of 1915 until his death on May 22 1917.