Financing the re-enactment

The total amount spent on the re-enactment was under $19,000.This is an absurdly low amount by modern standards. When we approached some of the large companies who had supported the 1964 re-enactment and indeed the original flight in 1914, we were denied help. The companies thought that our enterprise was too large for amateur control, and required that we employ an event manager before they would consider sponsorship. The cheapest event manager we could find
asked for a guaranteed $16,000.

The reason for the success was the generosity and the enthusiasm of all participants. Jabiru provided their aircraft at no cost. The light aviation community, historical aviation enthusiasts, philatelists, the local communities en route and the French community in Australia were magnificent in their support. Committee members Anthony Coleiro, Paul and Christine Ewoldt, Juanita Franzi, Tom Lockley and Judy Rainsford paid all their own expenses. Juanita Franzi, of Aero Illustrations, gave generously of her expertise to ensure the professional presentation of our postcards and other material.

At the May meeting of AHSA it was decided to market the remaining material and that Tom Lockley would co-ordinate the sales, under the supervision of the AHSA executive committee. All proceeds will go towards the historical recording of Guillaux's time in Australia. Full financial details will be published at the end of 2015; contact if you would like more information.

Statement of income and expenditure July 2013 to December 2014






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Balance at 31 December