business case

There are at least 4,500 pages in the single copy of the business case made available at Parliament House. It is not on the internet.  So much for open government! But what did we expect!

Grace and I found them hard to organise logically.

I have made what we have into searchable .pdfs and also converted most to Word files.

The word files are easy to cut and copy from but diagrams and charts are usually wonky.

I hope to get a lot more by the end of next week. Sorry I cannot do better. Life keeps intruding!

Here is a major list of contents which we hope to have as hyperlinks to the things we upload as we get them.

The letter written by the government in response to the call for the Business Case is here (pdf) and word


List of copied documents.

This is stuff from folder 1 and 2

Final business Case New Museum Western Sydney.pdf or word files/Final business Case New Museum Western Sydney.doc.docx

Final business case supplement.pdf or word files/Final business case supplement.doc.docx which is sort of related

Integration Brief.pdf or word files/Integration Brief.doc.docx likewise

Attachment C Combined Cost Benefit Analysis.pdf or word files/Attachment C Combined Cost Benefit Analysis.doc.docx

This is some of the attachments from the rest of the files.

Attachment I Flood Study.pdf or word files/Attachment I Flood Study.doc.docx

attachment L Economic appraisal the new museum 2.pdf or word files/attachment L Economic appraisal the new museum 2.doc.docx

Attachment U Collections relocations and logistics.pdf or word files/Attachment U Collections relocations and logistics.doc.docx (this is pretty useless, better document to come)

List from Business case: this is the list of the supporting documents. Printed without comment........

Attachment A - MAAS Project Vision

Attachment B - Planning Due Diligence Report

Attachment C - The New Museum in Western Sydney Project Definition

Attachment D - Stakeholder Consultation Register

Attachment E - Development Options Assessment

Attachment F - Site Analysis Updates

Attachment G - Museum Benchmarking and Precedent Analysis

Attachment H - Willingness to Pay Study

Attachment I ­ Project Concept Options

Attachment J ­ Legislation and Technical Requirements Review

Attachment K - Project Cost Plans

Attachment L ­ Economic Appraisal

Attachment M - Financial Appraisal

Attachment N - Master Programme

Attachment 0 - Governance Arrangements

Attachment P - Procurement Strategy

Attachment Q - Change Management Strategy

Attachment R - Risk Management Strategy

Attachment S ­ Benefits Realisation Strategy

Attachment T ­ Communications & Engagement Strategy

Attachment U ­ Collections Relocation & Logistics

Attachment V - Workforce Profile

Attachment W - Infrastructure Service Report

Attachment X - Hertiage Report

Attachment Y - Flooding Study

Attachment Z - Traffic & Transport Asssessment

Attachment AA - Geotechical Analysis

Attachment BB - New Museum Rational

Attachment CC - Commissioning and Launch Plans

Attachment DD - Original Final Business Case and associated attachments

Attachment EE - Consultants and Peer Review Schedule