Correspondence received

Not every letter is here but I hope it is enough to give an idea of the responses

Significant letters        reply to all letters sent or forwarded to the Minister for the Arts   well worth a read!               Geoff Lee MLA Parramatta                   Mark Speakman minister for heritage (useless reply)                    Letter to and reply from Scot Macdonald MLC previously circulated under the heading 'what we are up against'

Received 17 May: from  Leon Walker, Executive Director, Major Projects Property NSW. Important: decision not yet made, plenty of time; Jillian Skinner MLA North Shore referring to cultural precinct in CBD

MLA and MLC letters:   Liberal Catherine Cusack MLC parliamentary sec to the premier; Stuart Ayres minister for tourism etc; Scott Farlow MLC; Lee Evans MLA Heathcote; Anthony Roberts MLA Lane Cove; Trish Doyle MLA Blue Mountains, positive reply; Pru Goward MLA Goulburn; Mark Coure MLA Oatley; Jonathan O'Dea MLA Davidson; M Monahan Premier's secretary x2 replies
Foley speech in parliament 25 Feb widely quoted; Ron Hoenig Heffron; Jo Haylen Summer Hill; Clayton Barr, Cessnock; John Robertson MP for Blacktown broke ranks and said no reason to close PHM Little response from shadow ministers.
Greens Jamie Parker has been extremely supportive, printing 420 of the 540 booklets. Letter from Lisa Chung, phone calls from Alex Greenwich, email from Mehreen Faruqi MLC; Greens are 'strongly supportive of the preservation of the buildings. Alex G and Jamie P have distributed booklets.

Other politicians - Only Federal reply of 7 sent out is Tony Abbott.

Trustees Letter from John Shine, president of trustees; not printed letter from trustee who got a printer file and said he was going to distribute them widely

General: Letter from Max Underhill of Engineering Heritage Australia to Gladys Berejiklian; Email from Phillip Adams ABC, Email Keith Johnson, copy of letters from Bevan Miller, John Sullivan, very strong support from ex-curator Grace Cochrane with a network of contacts from the museum area; Clover Moore's office is very supportive.

We have the support of many organisations, either through formal processes or by word-of-mouth from executive etc: Royal Australian Historical Society, National Trust, Engineering Heritage Australia, Australian Society for History of Engineering and Technology, Aviation Historical Society of Australia Victoria and NSW, Pyrmont Historical Society and several others. This can be easily and quickly developed.

Correspondence out: all trustees, all NSW politicians (most by registered mail), RAHS, National Trust, MGA, Lend-Lease and SHFA going Monday 16/4, several from the Herald advertisement, about 30 print and radio journos, Pyrmont History group and lots of individuals: total of about 380 I think.