The Powerhouse Museum relocation: Heritage factors.

This website started off as information about our booklet, which concentrated on the heritage values of the Powerhouse Museum buildings. The idea was at least to preserve the buildings, and the hope was to then preserve the museum within them. As a result of a lot of debate and data gathering, the thrust now is to demonstrate the overall values of the museum on this site, basically in financial terms to try and make the proponents of the move see reason. The originally proposed idea of demolishing the buildings to sell the site to make money to move the museum to Parramatta to create a  'museum to rival the Smithsonian' has been exposed as ludicrous.

It is hard to find any rational person who still supports the idea in its original form. There is a sense of outrage, shared by other groups who believe that the current government is making big errors in other areas.

The latest information: See this  sent out to the email list 4 December 2016: also including information about rally at PHM on 10 December 2016.....

In a nutshell…... Bulletin 14

On Tuesday 29 November at the meeting of ASHET (Australian Society for the History of Engineering and Technology) Meg Stevenson and I spoke about the heritage of the museum, and early next year Lindsay Sharp, former director of MAAS I will be talking about the heritage of the museum.  Details: : also on this site their email is their newsletter with a great article on this subject.

Also included: an HTML version of our latest handout, a basic summary suitable for newcomers to the situation

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A downloadable Word file of our first booklet, Heritage Aspects of the Powerhouse Museum Precinct, can be found here. PDF copy here.