Supporting material for the booklet


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Major sources:

Nomination of the Powerhouse Museum as site for an historical engineering marker, College of Electrical Engineeing, Canberra, 1984 some pictures from the full submission

The Harwood Building (Stage I) from Old Sydney Buildings, a Social History, A&R Sydney, 1990 

The Reconstruction of the Ultimo Power Station, Sydney, W H Meyers, Engineers Australia journal, Vol 8, No 8, August 1933

Powerhouse Museum archival pictures and information ppt1 ppt2

MAAS annual reports 2011-12 and 2007-08

Other sources:

Australian Electrical History, AHEF, F Brady editor, 1996

Articles from the Sydney Morning Herald, retrieved from Trove, National Library website (more to come)

23 June 1890 26 December 1890   17 July 1891   10 April 1896  21 February 1891