Brisbane Telegraph (Qld. : 1948 - 1954), Friday 5 December 1952, page 5

Car you can fly | or just ride in

, PERTH: The designs for a two-engined road- | \ able monoplane are being taken to Sydney by ' Luigi Pellarini, who arrived from Italy today in the liner Sydney.

He has been invited to Sydney by his cousin, t Oreste Tosilini, of Horsely .Park, and hopes to secure financial backing for the mass production < j of his air-car. It is claimed that the machine has an air speed of 160 m.p.h., and when required for road I | Use the wings fold back and a speed of 80 m.p.h-can be attained. | Mr. Pellarini believes his invention is particularly adapted to a large country like Australia. He has been experimenting in Italy with single-engine models since 1944. To demonstrate that only a small area was ! j. required for landing, he brought down an air-car in the enclosure of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and was fined -100,000 lira (about £A80).