Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), Thursday 26 November 1970, page 31



The Repco spinner

j The Industrial De

sign Council of Australia announced yesterday that the 1970 Prince Philip Prize of Australian design has been won by a "selftwist" yarn spinning macnine, the Repco spinner.

The Repco spinner was developed by Mr Lionel Stern of Repco research, to accommodate a new selftwist spinning method devised by Dr Gordon Walls of the CSIRO division of the textile industry.

Investigation, development and trials of the prize winning machine extended over 10 years.

Judges said the machine was as revolutionary in design as the process it employed.

Certificate of merit, winners for 1970 are:

Agriculture - The PL' 12 airtruck, manufactured by

Transavia Corporation Pty Ltd, Seven Hills, NSW, designed by Mr Luigi Pellerini.

Scientific and electronic: Data acquisition and conversion system, designed and manufactured by Ibes Australia Ltd of Edwardstown, SA.

Building systems and components - The mark 6 material hoist tower, designed and manufactured by Walco Group Pty Ltd, Peakhurst.

Domestic - The Mistral gyro-aire cooling fan, manufactured by the Mistral Fans Company, Reservoir, Victoria. Designed by Mistral and Associated Industrial Designers Pty Ltd.

System - Triklon trickle irrigation system, manufactured by Uniroyal-SA Rubber Pty Ltd, Edwards1 town, SA.

Miscellaneous - Ergonomic needle holder, by Dr M. P. Atkin of Dungog, NSW,