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Luigi Pellarini’s aeroplanes
Aerautos, Airtrucks, Airtruks and others

Tom Lockley

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This is just a dump of all files used when writing the book. Long number dates in front of some file names are in the form yyyymmdd .

05 Dec 1952 - Car you can fly or just ride in


07 Nov 1968 - Dr Cairns calls for gamble on aircraft industry

14 Oct 1988 - Flying mango: competition for the military helicopter

Daily Mercury (Mackay, Qld. : 1906 - 1954), Saturday 20 December 1952, page 1

19521205 arrival in Australia Oreste Toslini.pdf

19521206 arrival.pdf

19521206 picture of luigi.jpg

19521219 cost flying car.pdf

19541014 fawcet robey and plane.jpg

19571213flight re PL-9 start.PDF

19600812 Victa r2.PDF

19610127 R2 and Victa news Flight.PDF

19670105 Flight on Waitomo.PDF

19800502 aircraft designs windup for dyneplane.pdf

19810606 Paris airshow.pdf Airtruck participated

1982.jpg Tasmania PL-12s

19841115 Dyneplane wind up.pdf

20 Aug 1968 - Tariff Board to rule on future of aircraft.html

26 May 1973 - NZ tries for aircraft market.html

26 Nov 1970 - DESIGN PRIZE WON BY REPCO.html

29 Jan 1969 - Army may use Australian aircraft.html

Aerauto PL.5C Johan Visschedik.html PL-11 Airtruck _ Wings Over New Zealand.html

cresciani book text only.doc.docx      cresciani book.doc      cresciani book.pdf

pellarini/19650406 flight over bankstown.docx

pellarini/19650524 Airtruk article.html

pellarini/19650913 airtruk orders.html

pellarini/19671210 mention in overseas production article.docx

pellarini/19760328 brabham wedge shape plane.html

pellarini/19781104 job ad transavia.html

pellarini/19810523 job ads senior positions.docx

pellarini/19871105 job ads transavia.docx