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Scope of works for the first trams......

The basic building is over 40 metres by 50 metres, with a three-storey section on the northern side, and large machinery hall to the south. Rail connection to the eastern side of the machinery hall. More than two million bricks were required, made locally and at various places throughout Sydney, to various specifications and colours; imported steelwork was used for framework. Sandstone embellishments throughout, including massive carved lintel and the elaborate door frame and threshold.

North Annex building of three storeys: Sandstone foundations with classical arches on sloping site. Basement with foreman’s office and amenities for engine drivers, boiler attendants, greasers and coal handlers: mess room, bathrooms and toilets; First floor: Office, testing room, chemical laboratory, storeroom, bathroom and toilets; Second floor: goods elevator, 200 12 cubic foot lead-acid batteries for reserve power; Gallery on the southern wall containing a direct current switchboard.

Machinery area:

Pump Room drawing sea water from the harbour, with 2 electric pumps;

Boiler Room with 14 boilers made by Babcock and Wilson, Great Britain, in two banks of seven;

Engine Room with four Allis-Chalmers horizontal cross compound steam engines (imported from Milwaukee, Wisconsin) each directly coupled to a General Electric multipolar generator rated at 850 kw (imported from the Edison General Electric Company of Schenectady, New York); Two thirty-ton travelling cranes (imported from the Case Company of Columbia, Ohio, complete with gantries to be installed first to enable installation of the boilers, engines and generators.

Tram Shed: Brick shed with steel sawtooth roof, with completely open interior area of approximately 40 metres x 120 metres capable of holding 140 trams. Again, various varieties of bricks for various purposes, including decorative brickwork; sandstone embellishments. Under-floor maintenance areas for most trams, under-floor storage areas. Mezzanine workshops, storerooms, office and staff facilities. Electrical switchboards and catenary wiring for all tracks. Rails and switches.

Tramcars: 100 bogies imported from the Peckham Motor Truck & Wheel Co., Kingston, New York, USA Tram, and fitted with metal framed timber bodies and seats by Hudson Bros, Sydney

Tramlines: Approximately 10km of dual tramlines with catenary wires (from corner of John Street and Harris Street, via Central Station, to Millers Point) with associated points and termini.

Staff: training of hundreds of maintenance people, drivers, conductors and electricity power station workers in entirely new technology.