Ross and Keith Smith 1919 flight England to Australia

This is just a dump of relevant material as I find it. Additions are welcome, email me at

From Smith's account of the flight: Timetable of trip as Word file; as excel file as work in progress

Profile of Vickers Vimy: Development details .pdf and word

Map of Fysh and McGuinnes survey 1919

Trove articles concentrating on Darwin to Adelaide: title page

 14000 Miles Through the Air, Ross Smith's account of the flight, 1922 pdf files (includes Ross Smith Service Record) Word files (may be messy) and pictures

Preliminary survey of Australian airfields in powerpoint and powerpoint show

Hurley's Australian pix from G-EAOU ppt and individual pictures

Philately Directory 1: Powerpoint (may be too big to load) and individual pics

Some great stuff from Northern Territory Aviation Museum Bob Alford collection, very disorganised

Online: is a report by Churchill Fellow Lainie Anderson, 2016, and is excellent modern material

Video of take-off from Hounslow, November 1919