Some notes on Bleriot aircraft

See PHM description of Guillaux' aircraft

L611 Aircraft, full size, Bleriot XI monoplane, wood / canvas / metal, designed by Louis Bleriot, made by Bleriot Aeronautique, Levallois, Paris, France, 1914, flown by Maurice Guillaux with first Australian airmail from Melbourne to Sydney

David Kelly has made an enormous study of the Bleriot XI, both Guillaux' aircraft and other examples.

Some work on wing sections:  airfoil examples;  detailed study of airfoil of normal Bleriot XI and the 'Looper'

Notes by Bob Degotardi used for his spotlight talks

Bleriot's Bleriot in Paris

The post-Guillaux history of our Bleriot: Robert Graham Carey article (Carey purchased the Bleriot and in 1917 flew air mail from
Adelaide to Gawler, using the Bleriot.)