Picture files

Almost all these pictures have fascinating stories behind them, but on this page these cannot be shown. The full story can usually be found in the relevant file accessed from this directory of brochures, otherwise contact us at guillauxcentenary@gmail.com for more information about any picture, including its source. Unless otherwise noted, we believe that these pictures may be used freely.

French pictures 1912-1914, also gravestone 1917

Postcard 9 June 1912, first found picture of Guillaux; standard postcard portrait of Guillaux;  Hirondelle trophy  and label 1913;    postcard Oiseaux de France with sparrow 1913;  Guillaux' gravestone

Australian pictures 1914

Plan of the mail flight (big print for stops);  Newcastle picture, great pic, credit Newcastle Libraary;   Lebbeus Hordern's Farman seaplane;   Lesser quality pictures 1 and 2 re seaplane;  Lousie Carbasse;    Bleriot at Bendigo (great picture, see Ballarat and Bendigo brochure for full story); Bendigo Epson Racecourse,     Leaving Melbourne with mail NLA number must be cited in reproductions  First plane in Goulburn, great picture, see Goulburn brochure for full story,  Bleriot at Moore Park    Bleriot in flight, Ascot?


Australian pictures after 1914

R G Carey in Bleriot 1 2 3

Current pictures

John Fowles and his Jabiru   Gary Sunderland and his Bleriot model   1964 pictures handover of Guillaux scarf, general Victa picture,  Tony Coleiro (re-enactment flight technical consultant)  Dick Smith our first influential supporter

Side view sketch of Bleriot, Tiger Moth, Jabiru