Cataloguing etc at AAMB

AAMB had as of 5 July 2017 at least 112 cubic metres of material in the library, and within this we know we have some very
‘significant’ material. Despite decades of work by voluntary workers the cataloguing is incomplete, consisting of

Our accession files, which are complete, but not computerised, records of all donations.

Work with Vernon cataloguing system till 15 July 2005:  About 80% of this was done by me on my computer.

Excel file of books as at 2014, done by another volunteer who gave me  a copy. Since that time many more
entries were made until 5 July 2017.

Other cataloguing:

                Jenner collection, not integrated: excel file,  printed file

                Small fraction of the CASA collection which at 5 July 2017 was stored in two containers.
The contents of one container at least was destroyed because the container leaked. The collection
is not catalogued and indeed has not (until 7 July 2017) been properly examined.

                Wills collection: the logbooks, a minute proportion of the collection are on digitised records as at 5 July 2017.
However Much of the collection is integrated in the accession files.

                Contents of  AIRCRAFT Magazines- Dec 1931 to  Dec 1979.htm created by a former volunteer

                AAMB videos copied to DVD , These at 7 July 2018 were, I believe, still stored in a specially made box made by a volunteer at his expense.