Following is a listing of the contents of “Aircraft” magazines held at the Australian Aviation

Museum, Bankstown as at August 2003.  Some issues of the magazine are not held by the

Museum. Many are in bound book form, from the Aeronautical Society of Australia.  Some

issues are held in loose form.


David Stewart has prepared this listing from the contents list in each magazine, where

available and adding to it where considered appropriate.


DECEMBER    1931       (Loose copy)


Short Articles / Editorial  - Concentrate on Commercial Development - Competitions of                                             AC  Dec 1931  Page   5

   Practical Value to Aviation - W.A Operations - Robot Airway Lights - Another Viastra -

   De Havilland’s Get Government Job - Chichester Honored - Tricky Aerodrome


Aircraft as a Service to the Community - by Hudson Fysh                                                                                                AC  Dec 1931  Page   9


The RAAF (Part of this article has been removed).                                                                                                            AC  Dec 1931  Page 12


What Instead of Schneider Trophy?                                                                                                                          AC  Dec 1931  Page 15


The World’s First Successful Glider - by W. L. Speight                                                                                           AC  Dec 1931  Page 16


Cape Air Route Popular with Women Pilots                                                                                                              AC  Dec 1931  Page 17


Those Petrol Prices                                                                                                                                                              AC  Dec 1931  Page 18


Aeronautics in Britain -The Schneider Contest and the World’s Record       - by Major F. A. De V. Robertson                        AC  Dec 1931  Page 19                               

Air Transport as an Aid to Commerce:  Time - Saving That Means Money Saving                                                       AC  Dec 1931  Page 28


Air or Liquid Cooling? - New High Speed Warplane Revives Controversy                                                          AC  Dec 1931  Page 30


The 5ft Open Jet Wind Tunnel, R. A. E.                                                                                                                              AC Dec 1931   Page 30


Knock - Testing Standardization - Dr. Dunstan’s Statement to Paris Congress                                                             AC  Dec 1931  Page 32


Winter Air-Mail Services on Empire Routes - Shorter Route to India                                                                              AC  Dec 1931  Page 32


On The World’s Skyways - brief current news items, including: R101 Anniversary; British air                          AC  Dec 1931  Page 36

 safety device in Italy and USA; Saved by Parachute; 450 want to fly.


Lighter - Than - Air Craft by Major C. C. Turner                                                                                                                 AC  Dec 1931  Page 38


Men Who Make The Props. Go Round No. 2 - “Bob” Hart - This is the second of a series                                AC  Dec 1931 Page 40          

  of short articles on the men whose skillful, conscientious and highly responsible work

   contributes largely to the safe and successful operation of aircraft.


Australia Regains the Air Ashes                                                                                                                                 AC  Dec 1931  Page 41


Short Articles: Night Bombers in a Nutshell; NSW Director of RAAF Operations; “Smithy”  For England         AC  Dec 1931  Page 42


Another British Record - Non-stop from Gibraltar                                                                                                             AC  Dec 1931  Page 43


Meteorological Aspects of Gliding and Soaring Flight by Captain F. Entwistle                                                            AC  Dec 1931  Page 44


Forest Patrol in Canada                                                                                                                                              AC  Dec 1931  Page 49



OCTOBER    1934 (Loose Copy)


Advancement of Qantas Airways- Complete Surface Organisation for Timor Crossing                                               AC  Oct  1934   Page  5


Full Details of the Centenary Air Race - Further Prizes offered by French Government                                                AC  Oct  1934   Page  7


Trend of Development of European Airports - Maximum Service to Public First Consideration - by F.W. Haig                         AC  Oct  1934   Page  8


Aeronautical Activities in New Zealand                                                                                                                               AC  Oct  1934  Page 10


New Company Operates North-West Service -  Wonderful Record of Capt. H. C. Miller                                              AC  Oct  1934  Page 11


Airways International Complications - Transport of Composite Loads - Lieut. Col. H. Burchall                         AC  Oct  1934  Page 12


Brighter Outlook for Victorian Flying  - First Auto gyro to be seen in Australia Arrives                                                AC  Oct  1934  Page 14


World’s First Tailless Warplane Tested -the Westland-Hill Pterodactyl V Sesquiplqne                                               AC  Oct  1934  Page 15


Development of a New Single-Spar Wing - Tubular Spar also forms Petrol Tank                                                         AC Oct  1934   Page 18


Efficiency of London’s Defence System - Roll of the Bombing Plane in Defence                                                          AC  Oct  1934  Page 19


Mails by Parachute                                                                                                                                                                AC  Oct  1934  Page 19


Flying Qualities of the British Klemm                                                                                                                         AC  Oct  1934  Page 20


Aeronautics in Britain : Britain’s Greatest Air Travel Rush; Faster London - Paris Services;                                        AC  Oct  1934  Page 22

   Popularity of de Havilland “Dragon Six” ; re-equipment of Air Territorials ; Monoplane’s Long Flight


Novel Features of New Curtiss Amphibian - Designed by Noted British Test Pilot                                                        AC  Oct  1934  Page 24


Charles Ulm Appoints Personal Representative                                                                                                               AC  Oct  1934  Page 26


Famous Squadron Reforms (RAF No. 65 (Fighter) Squadron                                                                                         AC  Oct  1934  Page 26


Direction - Finding in Mid - Air Developed                                                                                                               AC  Oct  1934  Page 29


Solid Scale Models of Air Race Planes                                                                                                                               AC  Oct  1934  Page 31


A History of Aviation in Rhodesia - by Mr. Aston  Redup                                                                                        AC  Oct  1934  Page 32


England to Australia Airport Information  – No. 6 Batavia                                                                                       AC  Oct  1934  Page 35


Aircraft’s Bookshelf                                                                                                                              



NOVEMBER   1934   (Loose Copy)


A Review of Commercial Aviation Abroad                                                                                                                 AC  Nov 1934   Page 7

   - An Australian view of commercial aviation outside Australia - by Mr. Hudson Fysh,

      Managing Director of Queensland and Northern territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS)              


Centenary Air Race Details                                                                                                                                         AC   Nov 1934   Page 8


Development of Radio Facilities Overseas                                                                                                               AC  Nov 1934  Page 10

  - Improved wireless aids increase safety - by F. W.  Haig - chief aviation officer of the

    Vacuum Oil Company, Melbourne.                                                                                                                        


Technical Considerations of the Air Race                                                                                                                 AC  Nov 1934 Page 12

    - By C. C. Walker, Technical Director, the De Havilland Aircraft Co. Ltd.                               


R.A.F.  Short Flying Boats Visit Melbourne   - Comfortable quarters installed for long cruises                                    AC   Nov 1934 Page 13


Development of N.S.W. Aircraft Company                                                                                                                 AC  Nov 1934  Page 15

   - Australian manufacture of machines anticipated (Messrs. Tugan Ltd. of  Mascot, Sydney)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

First Autogiro Imported - Arrived in Melbourne, from England.                                                                              AC  Nov 1934  Page 16


Air Navigation for the Sportsman Pilot - Simple rules discussed for compass flying                                          AC  Nov 1934  Page 17


A Survey of Recent British Developments in the R.A.F. and Civil Service - by Major F. R.  De V. Robertson    AC  Nov 1934 Page 19


The Inefficiency of the Heat Engine - Is there an Alternative?  - W.O. Manning F..R Ae. S.                                          AC  Nov 1934  Page 25


Excellent Performance of New Monospar   - S.T.11 Model arrives in Melbourne                                                           AC   Nov 1934 Page 28


Holyman’s Airways Introduce First Service                                                                                                               AC   Nov 1934 Page 31

   - Outstanding Radio equipment Installed in D.H. 86 by J.T.H.

   - also see article Page 36                                                                                                                           


The Fighting Westland “Pterodactyl”  - Wide speed range and Field of Fire are Features - by C.M. Poulson               AC   Nov 1934 Page 33


Tasmanian Airliner Disappears    - Holyman’s airways - also see article Page 31                                                AC   Nov 1934 Page 36


Tasmanian Record Flying Year Anticipated                                                                                                             AC  Nov 1934 Page 38


How to Construct the Central Rocket Model                                                                                                             AC   Nov 1934 Page 45





A Review of Civil Aviation in USA   1927 - 34                                                                                                             AC  Dec 1934  Page 7


Kingsford Smith’s Great Pacific Flight    - Lockheed Covers 7311 Miles in 52 Hours                                           AC  Dec 1934  Page 8


The Operation of Trans-Ocean Services                                                                                                                          AC  Dec 1934  Page 9

   - Development of Seadromes for Atlantic Flights - by F.W. Haig (Chief Aviation Officer Of Vacuum Oil Co


The Air Services Display at Laverton                                                                                                                                  AC  Dec 1934  Page 11


Enquiry Committee Probes Loss of Plane                                                                                                                 AC  Dec 1934  Page 14

   - Cause of accident Not Yet Found (also see article in Nov 1934 issue)


Official Placings in Centenary Air Race                                                                                                                     AC  Dec 1934  Page 15

   - Details of all flyers -further records made - Technical Details of Air Race Machines     

   - Constructual Details of the De Havilland Comet

   - Constructual Details of the KLM Douglas DC 3                                                                                                  

   - Constructual Details of the Boeing 247 - D

   - Specifications of the remaining machines outlined


Lessons of the “Land, Sea and Air” Exercises  - Air Bombing Attacks and the Navy                                           AC  Dec 1934  Page 30


Victorian Club has a Satisfactory Month   - Cierva Autogiro Demonstrations to be given in Sydney by J.T.H                           AC  Dec 1934  Page 32


Foolhardy Flight Made across Tasman Sea                                                                                                             AC  Dec 1934  Page 34


New Commercial Service for New Zealand   - Development of Landing Grounds Campaign                             AC  Dec 1934  Page 36


Fast Service Inaugurated in America                                                                                                                         AC Dec 1934  Page 39


Wireless Communications in the Air Race - Details of Equipment installed in the Douglas                                AC  Dec 1934  Page 40


England to Australia Airport Information No. 7 Darwin                                                                                                     AC  Dec 1934  Page 46


New Club Instructor for South Australia                                                                                                                              AC  Dec 1934  Page 41


How to Build the Comet & Douglas Models                                                                                                               AC  Dec 1934  Page 49


Tasmanian Aero Club Establishes Fine Record                                                                                                                AC  Dec 1934  Page 51


British Invention Triumphs - Handley Page Slotted Wings And Flaps                                                                           AC  Dec 1934  Page 53



JANUARY 1934  to   MAY  1935   - No  Issues  held



JUNE  1935


Australian Aviation achievements in 1934    - Part 11 of the report issued by the Controller of Civil Aviation            AC  Jun  1935   Page 7


Warplanes Arrive for Australian Defense - General expansion scheme adopted by R.A.A.F                                       AC  Jun  1935   Page 8


A Review of Modern British Aircraft                                                                                                                           AC  Jun 1935   Page 11

   - Airspeed (1934) Limited

   - Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd

   - The Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor C. Ltd.

   - Boulton and Paul Aircraft Limited

   - The Bristol Aeroplane Co. Limited

   - The British Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

   - The De Havilland Aircraft Co. Ltd

   - The Fairey Aviation Company Ltd.

   - General Aircraft Limited

   - The Gloster Aircraft Company Ltd.

   - Hawker Aircraft Limited

   - Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd (“Miles” aircraft)

   - A.V. Roe and Company Ltd.

   - Saunders-Roe Limited

   - Short Bros Limited

   - Supermarine Aviation Works (Vickers) Ltd

   - The Westland Aircraft Works (Branch of Petters Limited)


A Brief Survey of British Aero Engines                                                                                                                                AC  Jun 1935   Page 36


The Development of Aviation in Russia             - Soviet Union ranks First in the World in Several Branches.                                         AC  Jun 1935   Page 38


Reorganization of Tasmanian Aero Club               - Triangular Air Race Around Northern Tasmania Suggested                       AC Jun 1935   Page 40


Tugan Aircraft Make Solid Progress   - (an Australian company from Mascot)                                                              AC Jun 1935   Page 41


The Difficulties of Stratosphere Flying - Wiley Post maintains High Speed in Second Flight                                     AC Jun 1935   Page 42


How to Build the Central Kookaburra Model Plane Pt 2                                                                                          AC Jun 1935   Page 45


The AGA Rotating and Oscillating Beacon                                                                                                               AC Jun 1935   Page 46


K.L.M. Buy Douglas Aircraft                                                                                                                                         AC Jun 1935   Page 49



JULY   1935


The Great American Airway Bluff                                                                                                                                AC Jul  1935  Page   5


P.M.G. Releases Ambitious Airmail Proposals  - High Speed Service Will Connect All Capital Cities                        AC Jul   1935  Page   7


Victorian Flying Activities Brisk – New  “A”  Licence Graduates from Aero Club                                                            AC Jul   1935  Page   8


Direction Finding Stations Installed  - Radio Units Invaluable for Bass Strait Services                                                AC  Jul   1935  Page  9


Holyman’s Airways to Expand Services - Daily Sydney - Melbourne Services to Open in Oct                            AC  Jul  1935 Page 10


Melbourne Must Have a New Airport - Opposition from Victorian Premier Impedes Progress                             AC  Jul  1935 Page 11


C.30 Auto gyro Demonstrated at Essendon - Latest Direct Control Machine Makes Good Impression             AC Jul   1935 Page 12



AUGUST  1935                     


Development of Siemens Autopilot   - Flying simplified under difficult weather conditions                                AC Aug 1935  Page 6


Work of Sydney University Gliding Club                                                                                                                   AC Aug 1935   Page 8

  - As gleaned by Mr. F. W. Haig, Chief Aviation officer of the Vacuum Oil Co.,

     from his contact with active members and their reports.


Royal Victorian Aero Club Activities                                                                                                                           AC Aug 1935  Page 11


High Speed Monoplane for Campbell  - Long distance record breaking flights planned                                             AC Aug 1935 Page 12


Modern Amphibian for Pan-American Airways                                                                                                         AC Aug 1935  Page 13

   -Claimed to be World’s Largest Single - Engined Amphibian  - the Fairchild Highspeed   Amphibian.


Influential Deputation Approaches Premier                                                                                                               AC Aug 1935  Page 14

   - Select Deputation Approaches Premier   (Victoria - Mr. A.E. Dunstan)


Eric Chaseling Floats New Aviation Company                                                                                                          AC Aug 1935 Page 15

   - Flying training and navigation popular   (Chaseling Air Services Ltd - Victoria - flying training)


Development of Pan American -Grace Airways                                                                                                        AC Aug 1935  Page 16

  -  Aviation renders invaluable assistance to South American industries


Europe - Batavia in 5 ½ Days   - (K.L.M. Royal Dutch Airlines & Douglas DC 2                                                              AC Aug 1935  Page 17


The Progress of Air Transport in Germany                                                                                                               AC Aug 1935  Page 18

   - by Martin Wronsky, director of the Deutsche Lufthansa A.G.


A Simple Method of Keeping a Flight Log                                                                                                                 AC Aug 1935  Page 19

   - How it Assists on a Long Cross- Country Flight  -    by “Prop-Boss”


The Handley-Page General Purpose Machine                                                                                                         AC Aug 1935  Page 21

   - Slotted wings and flaps offer wide range of speed (Handley-Page Type 47 General

     Purpose Monoplane for military / naval purposes)


Midget Plane Demonstrated at Mascot   - First power driven model to fly                                                            AC Aug 1935  Page 24


New De Havilland Cabin Biplane Designed                                                                                                              AC Aug 1935  Page 26

   - Economical Machine with side-by-side seating (D.H. 87 Hornet Moth)


New Flying Boat Named                                                                                                                                              AC Aug 1935  Page 26

- This article briefly describes the basis of naming aircraft types used in the R.A.F. e.g. “Fury”


R.A.F. Test New Coast Reconnaissance Plane                                                                                                        AC  Aug 1935 Page 29

   - ( developed from Avro Type 652 commercial monoplane)


 New Heavy Bombers    - (for the R.A.F.)                                                                                                                             AC  Aug 1935  Page 30


Activities of The London Gliding Club                                                                                                                      AC Aug 1935 Page  31


Expansion Details of the Home Defence Arm     - (re R.A.F.)                                                                                   AC  Aug 1935 Page 33


England to Australia Airport information - No. 14  - Rangoon                                                                                AC Aug 1935  Page 37





Expansion details of the Royal Air Force                                                                                                                  AC  Sep 1935  Page 5

   - The Scheme in full: How Aircraft Deliveries will be Speeded Up: The Problem of

      Personnel:  Parliamentary Discussions.


Holyman’s to Inaugurate Melb. - Sydney Run   - Twice daily each Way Tasmanian Service                               AC  Sep 1935   Page 6                               

Matchless Demonstration at S.B.A.C. Display                                                                                                           AC  Sep 1935   Page 8

   - Air Minister export Trade Assurance (Society of British Aircraft Constructors)


The Development of Air Service Training                                                                                                                          AC  Sep 1935 Page 12

   - Instructional Methods of Britain’s Air University - by Group Captain R.J.F. Barton, O.B.E


Aviation Extensions Proposed in Japan                                                                                                                   AC  Sep 1935 Page 13


Inter-Capital Air Mail Plan Discussions  - Huge Postal Surplus May be Utilized for Modern Air Services                                    AC Sep 1935 Page 14                               

Airport Inquiry Committee Present Report   - Victorian premier Continues Stonewalling Tactics                                AC  Sep 1935 Page 15                            

Australia - New Zealand Service Proposals      -  Extension of England - Australia Airway recommended       AC Sep 1935  Page 16


Various short articles                                                                                                                                                    AC  Sep 1935  Page 16

   - Italo-French convention

   - Aerial Gear-Box Passes Official Tests

   - Night Flying (QANTAS  - between Longreach and Cloncurry)

   - Tilting Test Stand (to simulate climbing and diving conditions)

   - A Radio Compass Tested                                                                                                                                             

   - Narromine Aero Club                                                                                                                                              AC  Sep 1935 Page 26

   - P.G.Taylor in Melbourne


V.F.S. Assets Absorbed in 25,000 Pounds Company                                                                                                        AC  Sep 1935 Page 18

   - Erection & Operation of Modern Hanger Proposed (Victorian Flying School to be

     absorbed into Chaseling Air Services


Royal Netherlands Indies’ Airways Activities     - K.N.I.L.M. Annual Report for 1934                                                     AC  Sep 1935 Page 19


The World’s Newest Multi-Gun Fighter                                                                                                                               AC  Sep 1935 Page 20

     - The Fairey Fantome  - This machine carries Four Machine-guns and a Quick-firing

       Gun, which throws shells of  20 Millimetres calibre


New Plans for Australian Air Network   - Adelaide-Darwin Service Inaugurated                                                              AC Sep 1935 Page 23


How to Build the Lockheed “Vega” Model (Part 11)                                                                                                  AC Sep 1935  Page 29


”A” Pilots’ Licences in Force as at 30/6/35                                                                                                                          AC Sep 1935  Page 32





Airways Advancements                                                                                                                                               AC  Oct 1935  Page 5

   - Some Considerations of Policy by Hudson Fysh (Managing Director QANTAS)

   - See Part 2 in Nov 1935 issue.


Royal Australian Air Force Activities                                                                                                                          AC  Oct 1935   Page 6


Random Notes of a Visit to the U.S.A. and Canada - by W.S.Shackleton (See Nov 1935 for Part 2)                  AC   Oct 1935   Page 8


Royal Victorian Aero Club Activities    - Notable Increase in Monthly Flying Hours                                             AC  Oct 1935  Page 11


New British Fighter-Trainer Produced                                                                                                                       AC  Oct 1935  Page 13

   - Machine Has Outstanding Performance Qualities   (Avro Type 636 with Siddeley Panther engine)


Stricter Control of Mail Planes and Pilots - Approved Types for Difficult Routes                                                          AC  Oct 1935  Page 14


Equipment in Britain’s Larger Air Force - Four-Gun Fighters for Defence of London                                                   AC  Oct 1935  Page 16


Aircraft Communication Methods - 1935 - Radio direction Finding Equipment Indispensable- by a Q.E.A.              AC Oct 1935 Page  17

  First Officer       


Directors of Chaseling Air Services Named - Two Miles Merlins Purchased for Scheduled Services                         AC  Oct 1935  Page 18


The Hornet Moth                                                                                                                                                          AC  Oct 1935  Page 19


Japan Buys British                                                                                                                                                                AC  Oct 1935  Page 28


Fast Transport Plane (Boulton-Paul P.71A passenger biplane                                                                               AC  Oct 1935  Page 28                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

How to Build a Model of the Hawker Demon                                                                                                             AC  Oct 1935  Page 31


“B” Pilots’ Licences in Force at 30/6/35                                                                                                                               AC  Oct 1935  Page 32


Tasmanian Aero Club Rebuilding Moth                                                                                                                     AC Oct 1935   Page 37


Holyman’s Airways Extensions                                                                                                                                  AC Oct 1935  Page 38



 NOVEMBER   1935


Airways  Advancements  - Some Considerations of Policy by Hudson Fysh (Part 2) - See Part 1 in                          AC  Nov 1935   Page  5

  Oct 1935 edition


Practical Idealists Stage Two-Day Pageant   - Narromine Display Proves Popular and Successful                            AC  Nov 1935   Page  6

  - by J.T.Harrison  


Random Notes of a Visit to the U.S.A. & Canada   - by W..S. Shackelton - Part 2 (See Oct 1935 for Part 1)       AC  Nov 1935  Page  8


Movement for Air Ministry in New Zealand  - Present System Of Control Considered Unsatisfactory                        AC  Nov 1935   Page  9                        

Experts Discuss Behavior of DH-86 Planes   - Political Capital Made from Bass Strait Disaster                                  AC  Nov 1935  Page 10                       

Royal Australian Air Force Developments   - Selection Board Accepts 75 Cadets for Entry                               AC  Nov 1935 Page 11


British Commercial Aeroplanes                                                                                                                                   AC  Nov 1935 Page 12

   - Airspeed (1934) Limited

   - Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd  - The Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor C. Ltd.

   - Boulton and Paul Aircraft Limited

   - The British Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

   - The De Havilland Aircraft Co. Ltd

   - General Aircraft Limited

   - Handley Page Ltd

   - Phillips and Powis Aircraft Ltd (“Miles” aircraft)

   - The Percival Aircraft Company

   - A.V. Roe and Company Ltd.

   - Saunders-Roe Limited

   - Short Bros (Rochester & Bedford) Limited

   - Spartan Aircraft Ltd


Radio Experiments Conducted                                                                                                                                  AC  Nov 1935  Page 17


Chaseling Air Service Plan New Routes - Company to Construct New Hanger at Essendon                             AC  Nov 1935  Page 18


Imperial Airways - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow                                                                                               AC Nov 1935   Page 19

   - by G.E. Woods Humphrey - Managing Director, Imperial Airways Ltd.


Extended Training Scheme of R.V.A.C.- Capt. Johnston Entertained at Club Dinner                                                                                                    AC  Nov 1935  Page 23


Aviation City     (Guidonia, Italy)                                                                                                                                 AC   Nov 1935 Page 24


Minor Articles                                                                                                                                                               AC  Nov 1935  Page 26

   - Smithy Forced Back

   - Broadbent Attempts Record

   - Round-World Air Race

   - Polish Pilot’s Visit


Most Northerly Airport (Kotzbue, Alaska)                                                                                                                   AC   Nov 1935 Page 31


Qantas Works Manager Visits England                                                                                                                    AC   Nov 1935 Page 33


How to Construct the Sky Hawk: Major Model                                                                                                          AC  Nov 1935  Page 37



 DECEMBER   1935


Civil Aviation Developments Abroad                                                                                                                         AC   Dec 1935  Page 7

   - by Capt. Johnston, the Controller of Civil Aviation in the Commonwealth

   - Salmond Scheme Extensions Governed by Estimates


Royal Australian Air Force Activities - Solid Development of the Royal Australian Air Force                             AC   Dec 1935   Page 8


Airlines of Australia Limited Registered - Sound Financial Position of New Sydney Company                         AC  Dec 1935  Page 12


The Control of Air Route Radio Services                                                                                                                           AC   Dec 1935 Page 13


Agreement Reached with N.Z. Government for Ocean Services                                                                            AC   Dec 1935 Page 14


Another Big shipping Firm Turns to the Air                                                                                                              AC  Dec 1935  Page 15

   - Adelaide Airways Inaugurate Interstate and Local Service (Adelaide Steamship Company)


Has Charles Kingsford-Smith Really Gone ?   - Nature of Country Renders Swift Search Impracticable           AC Dec 1935  Page 17


Short Articles                                                                                                                                                                 AC  Dec 1935 Page 18

   - Model Aero Club of Victoria

   - Air Mail by the Ton (Brisbane - Singapore)

   - B.A.L.M. Products (Dulux, Duco etc)

   - New Departure by Old Firm (Paul & Gray Ltd)

   - Aeroplane Insurances


Fastest Twin Engined British Flying Boat  - Vickers-Supermarine “Stanraer” Excellent Defence Machine                  AC Dec 1935  Page 19


 “De Vliegende Hollander”      - K.L.M. service to Batavia (Indonesia)                                                                            AC  Dec 1935  Page 20


Britain Secures Big Jugoslavian Contract   - 250 m.p.h. Fighters for National Defence (Hawker Fury)                                       AC  Dec 1935  Page 21


Fleet That Travels a Million Miles a Year                                                                                                                    AC  Dec 1935 Page 22

   - Splendid Record of Eight British Airliners (Imperial Airways - Handley Page Type 42 biplanes)


New Radial Motor   (Wolseley)                                                                                                                                   AC  Dec 1935  Page 22


If War Should Come Again   - by Colonel George Drew.                                                                                         AC  Dec 1935  Page 23


Modern R.A.F. Machines for Empire Defence                                                                                                            AC  Dec 1935 Page 24


Tasmanian Activities Become Brighter                                                                                                                      AC  Dec 1935  Page 28


Three Outstanding Flights of the Month - (record times for flights between certain world cities)                                AC   Dec 1935 Page 32                        

Royal Victorian Aero Club Issue Annual Report                                                                                                       AC   Dec 1935 Page 36


How to Build the Westland Wallace Model                                                                                                               AC  Dec 1935 Page  43


New De Havilland Biplane    - Dragonfly twin engined biplane                                                                               AC  Dec 1935  Page 46





Foreign Aircraft Embargo Abolished   - Federal Decision Should Give Fillip to Industry                                             AC Jan 1936 Page     5


Lepena Mishap Causes Grave Concern                                                                                                                             AC Jan 1936 Page     6

   - Restoration of Public Confidence Hindered by Secrecy

     (forced landing of an Holyman’s Airways D.H. 86 on Hunter Island 13 Dec 1935)


Holyman’s Airways Carry Record Loads            - Licence Secured for Importation of Douglas D.C. 2                        AC Jan 1936   Page    7                          

Light ‘Planes For R.A.F. - (Training pilots to fly within clouds for long periods)                                                          AC Jan 1936   Page    7


Two Outstanding American Monoplanes                                                                                                                           AC Jan 1936   Page   8

   - Contrasting types - the 8 passenger transport and private 3 seater - by C.N. Colson

   (Vultee Model V-1A & Fairchild Type 24)


Significant Year in R.A.A.F development            - Changes in Higher command - 8 cadets for overseas service                      AC Jan 1936  Page   10                                   

The “Pou” Baby Machine - Has It a Future?                                                                                                               AC Jan 1936   Page  12

   - An Interested Observer Begs to Cast a Doubt

    (single seat home built hobby plane)


American Achievements in the Pacific                                                                                                                                AC Jan 1936   Page 13

   - North Atlantic Service Scheduled for March - by Peter Bellew

     (Imperial Airways with Pan-American Airways on 15 Mar 1936 to inaugurate aviation’s

      ultimate achievement: the crossing of the North Atlantic on regular mail-passenger schedules)


Piloting Commercial Aeroplanes                                                                                                                                AC  Jan 1936   Page 14

   - A paper read by Major H.G.Buckley, D.S.., D.S.C., F.R.G.S., air Superintendent of Imperial Airways


Two New High-Performance Airliners - Higher Cruising at Less Cost Per Ton-Mile   (D.H. 90 Dragonfly & D.H. 86A)              AC  Jan 1936   Page 17


Royal Victorian Aero Club Hold Meeting - New Flying Records Established                                                       AC  Jan 1936   Page 18


Progress in the U.S.S.R.- Russia’s Vast Network of Commercial Air Routes                                                                                                                  AC  Jan 1936   Page 19


Development of a New British Air Tourer - The Heston Phoenix Has Outstanding Performance                       AC  Jan 1936   Page 20


Short Articles                                                                                                                                                                        

   - Aircraft Steam Engines                                                                                                                                           AC  Jan 1936   Page 22

   - High Speed Airliner (General Aircraft Company’s S.T. 18 Monospar)                                                              AC  Jan 1936   Page 27

   - Mission of Mercy (Nancy Bird)                                                                                                                             AC  Jan 1936   Page 37


New Fleet for British Imperial Airways                                                                                                                        AC  Jan 1936   Page 24


Splendid Operational Record of QANTAS                                                                                                                AC  Jan 1936   Page 24


Progress of Aerial Medical Services - Future Plans for Extension of Interior Facilities                                       AC  Jan 1936   Page 25


Aircraft Book Review                                                                                                                                                    AC  Jan 1936   Page 26


How to Build the Whippet Model                                                                                                                                 AC  Jan 1936   Page 31


New Dutch Service to Start in Far East                                                                                                                                AC  Jan 1936   Page 33

   - K.N.I.L.M. to link Surabaya and the Philippines and joining the PAN American

     California- China service, with QANTAS flying to Surabaya





“Goodwill to All Men” by Nigel Tangye                                                                                                                               AC  Feb  1936  Page   5

   - an article concerning the worrying effect of the suppression of Germany following WW1


Pace of R.A.F. Expansion Accelerates                                                                                                                                AC   Feb  1936 Page   6

   - One new squadron weekly - Importance of enclosed cockpits - 260 m.p.h.

     four-gun fighter developed.


Riding the Beam on Time Turns                                                                                                                                 AC  Feb  1936 Page   8

   - by T. Lee Jr. GM of Boeing School of Aeronautics

     (an article on the training of pilots)


More new Planes arrive for R.A.A.F                                                                                                                            AC   Feb  1936 Page 10

   - First big job for L.J.W. 7 Monoplane

     (An article regarding various R.A.A.F happenings


Construction of New Big Airliners   - Fast High-wing monoplanes to Travel Day and night - (mostly flying boats)                 AC  Feb  1936 Page   11                               

The Endurance of British Aircraft   - Calcutta Boats Render Faultless Service (flying boats)                                       AC  Feb  1936  Page  12                             

The Curtis Wright Model 19L Coupe- American Machine to Suit Demands of Private Owner                             AC  Feb  1936  Page 13


Dramatic Antarctic Rescue of Ellsworth                                                                                                                              AC  Feb  1936  Page 14

   - R.A.A.F Men Play Big Part in Discovery

     (the location and rescue of Antarctic flyers Lincoln Ellsworth and H. Hallock-Kenyon)


Hornet Moth Demonstrated in Four States -  Regarded as a Delightful Machine to Fly                                                AC  Feb  1936  Page 15                        

Fastest American Transport (A short article re Lockheed Electra 10E)                                                                 AC  Feb  1936  Page 16                        

The Military Rapide for Reconnaissance                                                                                                                           AC   Feb 1936  Page 17

   - Interesting Armament Installation and Internal Bomb Stowage

     (De Havilland D.H.  89 (Conversion) Rapide)


The Annual Report of Air France for 1934                                                                                                                 AC  Feb  1936  Page 19


Cutting the Cost of Private Flying                                                                                                                              AC  Feb  1936  Page 20

  - In this controversial article, Mr. Phillip Priest, a “Pou” owner discuses the essential of cheap flying


Short Articles                                                                                                                        

  - “Geodetic” Monoplane (method of construction)                                                                                                         AC  Feb  1936  Page 22

  - Tapered Wings In Favour

  - Coastal Defence in Canada                                                                                                                                             AC  Feb  1936  Page 32


R.A.F. Exercise for 1935 Sets New Record                                                                                                                AC  Feb  1936  Page 25


Co-operation Is Keynote of Qantas Success  - Government and Contractor Both Work for Common End     AC Feb  1936   Page 26


Air Control of tribesmen by Loudspeaker (in Iraq)                                                                                                            AC Feb  1936  Page 29


How to Construct The Falcon Monoplane                                                                                                                AC  Feb 1936  Page 29


Severe Trials Precede Greek Contract  (by Greek Government for the supply of 30 Avro Tutor trainer biplanes)                     AC  Feb 1936  Page 33                                                

Aircraft’s Bookshelf                                                                                                                                                               AC  Feb 1936  Page 37



 MARCH  1936


Britain’s Great Technical Effort for 1935 - 1,000 h.p. Aero Engine - Record Exports Year                                   AC  Mar 1936  Page  5


Local Aircraft Industry is Vital Need - Defence Minister’s Plans Take Shape                                                          AC  Mar 1936  Page  6                         

Empire Airmail Route Control Controversy                                                                                                               AC  Mar 1936  Page   7


The Technique of Fog Landings - by H. M. Samuelson (Smith’s Aircraft Instruments)                                        AC  Mar 1936  Page   8                           

Development of Short Wave Transmission  -Telegraphy v. Telephony - Blind Landing Systems                              AC  Mar 1936  Page 10                         

Construction of “Flying Hotel” Completed  - Wonders of the World’s Latest Airship by Wolfgang Lambrecht          AC Mar 1936  Page 12

    (Zeppelin LZ-129)


Development of New Percival Vega Gull            - First Four-Seater With High Degree of Comfort                                              AC  Mar 1936  Page 13                                 

Peak Training Activity at Point Cook - Avro Trainers Impress - Flying Boat Returns                                          AC  Mar 1936  Page 14

   (R.A.A.F Southampton flying boat)


Jubilee Monospar Shown at Essendon                 - Neat Radio Homing Device Fitted                                                  AC  Mar 1936  Page 15                         

Britain’s “Air University’s” record Feat - Students from 23 Countries Fly School ‘Planes 1 1/4 Million Miles     AC Mar 1936  Page 16


“Geodetic Construction” Adds Strength - New Building System Cuts Structural Weight                                     AC Mar 1936  Page 17


Pan America’s Pilot No. 1   - Edwin C. Musick                                                                                                           AC  Mar 1936  Page 19


American Clippers Across the Pacific                                                                                                                        AC Mar 1936 Page   20

   - A line of Ocean Air-Stations Erected in Record Time

   - by Don Glassman, well-known American Scientific Writer


Lufthansa Co. Establishes Good Record                                                                                                                           AC  Mar 1936  Page 22


Short Articles  - Silencing Engines                                                                                                                            AC  Mar 1936  Page 24


Controllable-Pitch Airscrews for R.A.F.                 - Increased Useful Load and Higher Speeds Obtained                 AC  Mar 1936  Page 29                         

How To Build the Central “Bulldog” (Part 1)                                                                                                              AC  Mar 1936  Page 31


Siddeley Factories Fulfill Huge Orders                                                                                                                               AC  Mar 1936  Page 33 


Aircraft’s Bookshelf                                                                                                                                                      AC  Mar 1936  Page 37



APRIL  1936


Record Attendance at A.F.C.A. Picnic    - Wartime Airmen and Their families Meet at Point Cook                               AC  Apr 1936 Page   6                         

New Seagull Amphibian Pleases Pilots - Further RAAF Promotions - Reserve Training in progress                AC  Apr 1936 Page   7


Stinson Machines for Local Operations (For Airlines of Australia Ltd.)                                                                          AC  Apr 1936 Page   8


Details of the Douglas Sleeper Transport                                                                                                                 AC  Apr 1936 Page   9

   - Luxurious Sleeping Accommodation for Sixteen Passengers

     (Based on Douglas DC-3)


Short Articles

    - Archbold Expedition (American Zoologist using a Fairchild amphibian for an                                             AC  Apr 1936 Page 10      expedition into the wilds of New Guinea, including having fuel dropped by parachute.)                                                                      


     - Squadron Leader M.C. McGregor (New Zealand’s best known pilot killed in flying accident)                    AC  Apr 1936 Page 14


     - American Engines for Australia (from USA company Menasco Manufacturing Company                            AC  Apr 1936 Page 25                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Negotiations for Local Manufacture                                                                                                                           AC  Apr 1936 Page 11

   - Minister for Defence Promises Early Announcement

    (Australian Government negotiating with great Britain for the manufacture of aircraft in Australia)


The Advantages of Unification of Control   - Considerations in the Empire Air Route Negotiations                          AC  Apr 1936 Page 12                            

Impressive Performance of the Envoy                                                                                                                                AC  Apr 1936 Page 13

   - Constructional Details of Popular British Transport Machine

     (The Airspeed Envoy)


James Mollison On Visit To Australia                                                                                                                                 AC   Apr 1936 Page 14

  -   Outspoken Attack Made on Our Airways

     (Formerly of Australian National Airways, now a long-distance pilot of international repute

     - on our airways facilities)


Civil Air Board Members Announced                                                                                                                          AC  Apr 1936 Page 15

    - Three Air Experts and Finance Man Selected

    (Capt. E. C. Johnston - Controller of Civil Aviation, Wing Commander A. H. Cobby,

     D.S.O., D.F.C. - Controller of Operations, Mr. A. R. McComb - Controller of Ground

     Operations, and Major M. C. Langslow - Finance Member)


Aviation Developments in New Zealand  - Extensive Commercial Services Inaugurated by Union Airways              AC  Apr 1936 Page 16                          

Development of the High Speed Lockheed 12 - Economical Machine for Small Airline Operation                            AC   Apr 1936 Page 17                            

Training Progress Maintained by R.V.A.C.  - Life Memberships Conferred - Ballarat Pageant at Easter            AC   Apr 1936 Page 18                          

Experimental Trans-Atlantic Flights                                                                                                                           AC  Apr 1936 Page 19

   (An experimental method whereby a small float seaplane attached to a large

    flying boat both take of attached together so that the smaller plane uses minimal

    fuel so that when they separate at about 10,000 ft. the smaller plane then has a

    range of some 3,000 miles with a large payload.


Aerodromes Conference Held in London - Qualities of the Modern Airport Discussed                                                      AC  Apr 1936 Page 22


Low Operating Costs of the Electra (Lockheed Electra)                                                                                          AC  Apr 1936 Page 26


Extensive Activity at Heston Airport (near London)          - Statistics Reveal the Rapid Advance of Civil Aviation                    AC   Apr 1936 Page 29                               

How to Build the Central “Bulldog” (Part II)                                                                                                               AC  Apr 1936 Page 31


Activities of the Model Flying Club (by Ivor Freshman)                                                                                           AC  Apr 1936 Page 37



MAY 1936   (Issue not held)


JUNE 1936


Plans for Inter-Capital Night Flying  - Government Allocation for Lighting, Radio and Aerodromes                         AC  Jun 1936  Page   7                         

Victoria Still Hopeful For Real Airport   - Premier Dunstan May Listen To Reason                                                        AC  Jun 1936  Page   8                         

Holymans Douglas Enters Regular Service    - Travelers praise speed and Comfort (Douglas DC-2)              AC Jun 1936  Page   9


Short Articles

   - State Railways and Aviation                                                                                                                                  AC Jun 1936  Page  10

   - Airship Makes Maiden Atlantic Crossing                                                                                                             AC Jun 1936  Page  14

   - Empire Day Civil and Service Displays                                                                                                                AC Jun 1936  Page  16

   - Indications of inadequate preparations at Mascot

   - Modern Four-Way Radio Beam Erected by A.W.A.                                                                                             AC Jun 1936  Page  46


Melrose Demonstrates Heston Phoenix                                                                                                                             AC Jun 1936  Page  11

   - Interstate Goodwill Flight Made in Interests of S.A. Centenary


R.A.A.F Expansion Makes Steady Progress - New Units Formed - Many Staff Changes                                              AC  Jun 1936  Page 12


Empire Air Mail Route Developments - English and Australian Experts Survey Coastal Route                          AC Jun 1936  Page  13


Brisbane - Adelaide Centenary Air Race  - 1000 Pounds Prize Money for Speed and Handicap Sections        AC Jun 1936  Page  14


Merger of Aviation and Shipping Interests - Australian National Airways Pty Ltd Registered with 500,000                AC Jun 1936  Page 15

  pounds Capital   


Random Notes on a Visit to U.S. and Australasia (Part II)  - by W. S. Shackelton                                                          AC  Jun 1936  Page 17


Development of New Zealand Services                 - A survey of NZ Commercial and Service Systems                        AC Jun 1936  Page  19                        

Australasian Aerial Services                                                                                                                                       AC Jun 1936  Page  21


The British Aircraft Industry - An Analysis of British Civil and Service Aircraft                                                             AC Jun 1936  Page  25         

A Survey of British Aero Engines                                                                                                                               AC Jun 1936 Page   43


How to Build The Wasp Single-Seat Model                                                                                                              AC Jun 1936  Page  51


The Model Flying Club of Australia                                                                                                                            AC Jun 1936  Page  53



JULY 1936 (Issue not held)





Germany and the Night Air Mail System - Commercial Success Of European Night Service                                       AC  Aug 1936  Page  5


Royal Victorian Aero Club Activities                                                                                                                          AC  Aug 1936  Page  6


Commercial Aviation Development in France    by M. Allegre, General Manager of Air France                         AC  Aug 1936  Page  8


Latest Moves in A.N.A. Airline Merger - Another Douglas DC-2 Due in November                                                         AC Aug 1936  Page 10


Short Articles

   - Empire Airmail Scheme Developments                                                                                                                AC Aug 1936  Page 10

   - More haggling over Bend Airport Site - C’wealth action appears to be only solution                                             AC Aug 1936  Page 14

   - Flying Hospital At Exhibition                                                                                                                                AC Aug 1936  Page 28


Export Trade of British Industry - Three Firms Announce Orders from Ten Countries                                       AC  Aug 1936  Page12                          

The “Tipsy” Has Impressive Performance - A low powered single-seater for 265 pounds                                           AC Aug 1936  Page 13                            

Progress Made in RAAF  Expansion  - Senior Officers Promoted - Record Number Of Cadets Training          AC Aug 1936  Page 15                          

Course Computer Solves Pilots’ Problems - RAAF Latest To Adopt New Instrument                                           AC Aug 1936  Page 17


Random Notes On A Visit to U.S.A. and Australasia (Part IV.)  By W. S. Shackleton                                            AC Aug 1936  Page 19


Largest British Company Doubles Capital  - RAF Program Accentuates Need For Research                             AC  Aug 1936  Page24                          

Navy’s “Mother-Ship” for Robot Aircraft - Should Facilitate Science Of Aircraft Gunnery                                             AC Aug 1936  Page 28


How to Construct The Hawker “Fury” Model                                                                                                             AC Aug 1936  Page 34


The Model Flying Club of Australia                                                                                                                           AC Aug 1936  Page 37



SEPTEMBER 1936     (Issue not held)


OCTOBER 1936     


Beam Installations For Local Airlines   - Expert Required On Modern Navigation Aids                                               AC  Oct 1936  Page   7


The Monospar “Croydon”    - Fastest British Airliner Visits Australia                                                                              AC Oct 1936   Page   8


Empire Air Mail Scheme Developments   - Australia Should Adopt Empire Policy                                                         AC  Oct 1936  Page 13


The Royal Victorian Aero Club                                                                                                                                   AC  Oct 1936  Page 10


The Procedure of Aeroplane Design - by Bruce Foster                                                                                            AC Oct 1936  Page 14


The Royal Aero Club of N.S.W.                                                                                                                                  AC Oct 1936   Page 16


Defence Arms Score in Budget Allocation   - 1936-37 Vote Of 8,809,107 pounds Is Record Sum                       AC Oct 1936  Page 18


The Lockheed “Electra”- Guinea Airways’ Latest Addition Is Voted “A Sweet Ship”                                             AC Oct 1936   Page 19


ANA To Assume Airline Control Shortly                                                                                                                             AC Oct 1936   Page 24


North Atlantic Air Route Preparations                                                                                                                        AC  Oct 1936  Page 26


British Airway To Lagos Inaugurated - Large Track Of  West Africa Within Week Of London                            AC  Oct 1936  Page 30


How to Build The Lockheed “Electra” Model                                                                                                            AC Oct 1936  Page  33


How to Build The Percival Gull Model                                                                                                                               AC Oct 1936  Page  35


More Haggling Over Fisherman’s Bend                                                                                                                             AC Oct 1936  Page  37





The New Zealand Air Services Discussions                                                                                                             AC  Nov 1936  Page  7


500,000 Pounds Airways Merger Now Effective  - New Douglas DC-2 Due - Radio School For Pilots                        AC Nov 1936  Page   8                         

Fishermen’s Bend Airport Controversy                                                                                                                              AC  Nov 1936  Page  9


The Lorenz Blind Approach System - Wireless Scheme Of Blind Landing For Essendon                                          AC Nov 1936  Page 10                         

The Royal Victorian Aero Club                                                                                                                                   AC Nov 1936  Page  12


The Royal Aero Club of N.S.W.                                                                                                                                  AC Nov 1936  Page 14


Lavish Equipment On New Stinson “Reliant” - Four-Seater Monoplane For Vacuum Oil Co                              AC Nov 1936  Page 16


The First Airspeed “Envoy” in Australia                                                                                                                              AC Nov 1936   Page 17


Miss Jean Batten’s Brilliant Flight                                                                                                                             AC Nov 1936   Page 18


American Commercial Aircraft Review - Specification, Engine And Performance Details Of American Civil Aircraft AC  Nov 1936  Page 19                        

Revision of Aero Club Subsidies Proposed                                                                                                              AC  Nov 1936  Page 41


Short Articles

   - 20 Years In Retrospect - A chat with R. W. Perkins                                                                                            AC Nov 1936   Page 30

   - Monospar “Croydon” Mystery                                                                                                                              AC Nov 1936   Page 36

   - Council of Defence Recommendations                                                                                                               AC Nov 1936   Page 41

   - Qualifications Of Qantas Pilots                                                                                                                             AC Nov 1936   Page 46


How To Build The “Sneeza” Duration Model                                                                                                             AC Nov 1936   Page 43


How To Build The Percival Vega Gull                                                                                                                        AC Nov 1936   Page  45


DECEMBER   1936    (Issue not held)





Empire Air Mail Service Plans Advance                                                                                                                              AC Jan  1938   Page  5


Public Alarmed by RAAF Accidents - Multiple Inquiries In Progress                                                                              AC Jan  1938   Page  6


Inter-Capital Night Service Hold-Up  - Indication of Government Policy Urgently Required                                       AC Jan  1938   Page  7                        

Meteorological Services to Expand - South-West Pacific Regional Conference Adoptions                                        AC Jan  1938   Page  8                        

Civil Aviation Board Report Issued - Many Aspects Call For Immediate Settlement                                             AC  Jan  1938 Page 10


The Royal Australian Air Force - New Pilots graduate at Point Cook - Flying Badges And special Awards               AC Jan  1938 Page  11   

      Presented By Governor- General


Aeronautical Radio Developments - Latest News In The world of aircraft Wireless                                             AC Jan  1938  Page 12


Pan-American Commence Service to NZ - Absence of Tasman Link Must Be Speedily Rectified                                AC Jan  1938  Page 14                             

A.N.A. Plan Thrice-Daily Melbourne-Sydney Run - Modern 200 x 130 ft Hanger To Be Erected                                                  AC Jan 1938   Page 15                                  

The Royal Victorian Aero Club                                                                                                                                    AC Jan 1938  Page 16

   - Notables attend opening of clubhouse additions and handing over of new aircraft

     on Dec 11 - many pilots obtaining endorsements on Miles Whitney Straight and Tiger

     Moths - another clubman receives Instructors Permit - new records set in monthly

     Flying times


Centaurus Completes England - N.Z. Flight  - Progress Of R.A. F.    Saro London Boats                                            AC Jan 1938   Page 18                         

Short Articles

   - More High-Speed Bombers (New engine types being installed in                                                                                                                             AC Jan 1938  Page 19

      Handley  Page  Hampden                                                                                                                                             

   - Air Power of The Navy (HMS  Indomitable keel laid)                                                                                          AC Jan 1938  Page  19

   - Service Aviators On The Air Lines (RAF Bomber pilots train with Imperial                                                                                                               AC Jan 1938  Page 20

      Airways and British Airways to gain experience flying outside the British Isles                                                    

   - Shadowing The Fleet (RAF reconnaissance flying boats exercise with RN)                                                           AC Jan 1938   Page 20

   - New “Three-in-one” Monoplane (Monospar Universal with two Pobjoy Niagra                                                       AC Jan 1938   Page 20

      95 hp aircooled radial engines)                                                                                                                          

    - Flying Doctor News                                                                                                                                              AC Jan 1938   Page 26

    - 3125 Miles Non-Stop (New light plane world record)                                                                                        AC Jan 1938   Page 26

    - New Zealand Air-Board Personnel Announced                                                                                                         AC Jan 1938   Page 26

    - Eyston’s Land Speed record (first man to exceed 500 kpm on land)                                                              AC Jan 1938   Page 35

    - The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation                                                                                                          AC  Jan 1938  Page 37


Ryan Produces All-Metal Three-Seater - Interesting Features Of Private-Owner Type                                        AC Jan 1938   Page 21


Britain May Attack World Air Records                                                                                                                                 AC Jan  1938  Page 22

   - Landplane Speed and Non-Stop Distance Preparations (Supermarine Spitfire

     and Mr B.N.Wallis designed Vickers Wellesley “geodetic” bomber)                         

   - see also: -   Long-Distance Record Plans                                                                                                          A  Jan  1938   Page 30


Blind Landing and Stratosphere Research - Eric Chaseling’s American impressions                                        AC Jan  1938  Page 24


New  Wright Cruising Power Calculators - Engine Operation Simplified for Airline pilots                                  AC Jan 1938   Page 30                  

Tasmanian Aero Club Hold Annual Meeting                                                                                                             AC Jan 1938  Page  33


Aircraft's Bookshelf                                                                                                                                                               AC Jan 1938  Page  34



 FEBRUARY   1938


Lessons to be Derived from American Practice                                                                                                        AC  Feb 1938  Page  5


Five R.A.F. Flying Boats Arrive at Sydney - No. 204 Squadron Saro Londons Will Visit All Capitals                AC Feb 1938  Page  6


Pan-American Airways Pacific Disaster                                                                                                                              AC  Feb 1938  Page  7

   - Service Resumption Likely to Await New Boeings

     (Pan American flying boat lost at sea 11 Jan 1938)


Empire Boat Completes Impressive Australian and New Zealand Tour                                                                          AC  Feb 1938  Page  9

   - by Keith Palmer (Imperial Airways “Empire” Class flying-boat Centaurus)


Aeronautical Radio Developments - Latest News In The world of aircraft Wireless                                            AC Feb 1938  Page  12


The Royal Victorian Aero Club                                                                                                                                   AC Feb 1938  Page  14


Trend of Modern Airport Architecture  - Valuable Points Suitable For Australian Application by E. H. Chaseling      AC Feb 1938  Page  16


Modern Facilities for A.N.A. Passengers  - Large Hanger Plans - Flight Supt. Returns from U.S.A                    AC  Feb 1938  Page 18


The C.A.F. Christmas Camp (Citizen Air Force)                                                                                                        AC  Feb 1938  Page 19


Short Articles

   - Belgian air Defence                                                                                                                                                AC  Feb 1938  Page 22

   - A  Matter of Identity (aircraft flying England - Australia trunk route in the Far East                                         AC  Feb 1938  Page 22

      Have had large Union Jacks painted on them for identification)                                                                             

    - Shell Fire From Aeroplanes                                                                                                                                 AC Feb 1938  Page  22  

  (Air Ministry experimenting with various machine guns)                                                                                                                              

    - Junkers JU90 Cabin Features                                                                                                                              AC  Feb 1938  Page 24

    - More Overseas Publications Inaccuracies (re Australia)                                                                                            AC  Feb 1938  Page 30

    - The Lockheed 14 Mishap (US North-West Airlines)                                                                                          AC  Feb 1938  Page 30

    - Light Reconnaissance Seaplanes (Fairy Seafox for British Air Fleet Arm)                                                               AC  Feb 1938  Page 34

    - Sydney - Rabaul Service                                                                                                                                                AC  Feb 1938  Page 38


Aircraft's Bookshelf                                                                                                                                                               AC  Feb 1938  Page 32


How to Build the "Centaurus" Mode                                                                                                                           AC  Feb 1938  Page 37



MARCH   1938


Recommendations Made in the Wimperis Report                                                                                                             AC   Mar 1938   Page 7

   - By Mr. H.E. Wimperis on the inauguration of aeronautical research in Australia


The Anniversary Air Pageant                                                                                                                                               AC   Mar 1938  Page  9


Cabinet Gives Long Overdue Consideration To Internal Airline Reorganisation                                                         AC  Mar 1938  Page 12


The History of Commercial Aviation in Australia, 1909-1938                                                                                            AC  Mar 1938  Page 13

   - By Wing Commander A. H. Cobby Controller of Operations, Civil Aviation Board


American Developments: Stratosphere and Anoxemia Problems - By E. H. Chaseling                                                AC  Mar 1938  Page 20


Aeronautical Radio Developments - Latest News In The world of aircraft Wireless                                            AC  Mar 1938  Page 22


Royal Australian Air Force Activities - Chief Of Air Staff Visits Singapore - Cootamundra Inquest                              AC  Mar 1938  Page 24                         

Possible Cause of The Clipper Disaster  - Prof. Laby Discusses Petrol Vapour Ignition Under Certain Conditions AC  Mar 1938  Page 25                         

C. G. Grey and the Hawker Demon Accident   - Seizes Opening For Further Misleading N. A. Criticism          AC  Mar 1938  Page 26                         

The Royal Victorian Aero Club                                                                                                                                  AC Mar 1938   Page 28


Junkers Develop Two New Petrol Motors - Details of the Jumo 210 and 211 Models                                          AC Mar 1938   Page 30                         

Flying Boats Visit Southern Capitals  - Return Trip May Be Delayed Pending Arrival Of Spares                       AC Mar 1938  Page  31                                  

Short Articles

   - MacRobertson-Miller Co’s Progress                                                                                                                              AC  Mar 1938  Page 33

   - Aircraft Merchandising

   - LeBlond Interests Purchased By Rearwin (US aircraft industry)                                                                       AC  Mar 1938  Page 49

   - Napier New Series Motors

   - R & M Bearings Standard For Bristol

   - K.N.I.L.M. Extension (Royal Dutch Netherlands Indies Airways)                                                                                AC Mar 1938   Page 52

   - Tasman Action

   - Tariff Readjustment (in Australia)

   - Wasp Powered JU90's For South Africa                                                                                                              AC Mar 1938   Page 59

   - Atlantic Airship Service   ( re loss of the Hindenburg)

   - World Fair (1939 Golden Gate International Exposition on San Francisco Bay)                                           AC Mar 1938   Page 61


R.A.F. Forms Special Long Range Flight - Distance Record Attempt to Australia Likely                                              AC Mar 1938  Page  38


Operation & Maintenance Hints - conducted by Jacob H. Barker Jr.                                                                     AC Mar 1938  Page  38  

   - Greater Accuracy for Altimeters - Oil Rags- Air Pressure in Hangers - Sandpaper

      Hazard - Checking up on Tabs


How to Build the Grunau Baby 11 Sailplane                                                                                                              AC  Mar 1938 Page  61



APRIL 1938


Uniform Control  Is Urgently Required (In Australian air industries)                                                                     AC  Apr 1938 Page    5


First Air Display Held At Broken Hill  - Successful Sunday Fixture Attracts 15,000 Spectators                            AC  Apr 1938 Page    6                          

Airway Traffic Control Methods In USA - Threefold Purpose For Establishment Of Control Section (E H Chaseling)              AC  Apr 1938 Page    7                               

Aircraft Radio Developments - The Lorenz System - The Radio Beacon Service -  by D L Erben                                AC  Apr 1938 Page  10


The Royal Victorian Aero, Club                                                                                                                                  AC  Apr 1938 Page  14


Flight Tests of DC-4 Expected Shortly - Sub-Stratosphere Cabins To Be Installed                                             AC  Apr 1938 Page  16


Miles Magister Monoplanes for RAAF- Simple And Robust Aircraft For Primary Training                                           AC  Apr 1938 Page  17


Fairchild Produces Twin-Motored Craft - Interesting System Of Composite Construction (Commercial float-plane)               AC Apr  1938 Page  18                                 

New U.S. Civil Air Regulations Issued - Extracts Of Special Interest For Local Operators                                           AC  Apr 1938 Page  19


Vega Gull Imported For Business House  - Fitted with First Small Constant-Speed Airscrew Seen Locally               AC  Apr 1938 Page  21                         

Short Articles

   - Mandated Airlines Development (Government mail run in New Guinea)                                                         AC  Apr 1938 Page  22

   - New Managing Director (Mr C k Gamble - Vacuum Oil Company Pty Ltd)

   - S B A C Constitution Change (Society of British Aircraft Constructors)                                                           AC  Apr 1938 Page  28

   - New Power Plant Development (Lockheed & Menasco Manufacturing)                                                           AC  Apr 1938 Page  32

   - More New Planes arrive In Sydney (Waco Custom Cabin & D.H. Dragonfly            

   - Sudden Passing of Mr. Francis Arthur MacArthur Onslow

   - 50 h.p. “Flat-Four” By Menasco                                                                                                                            AC  Apr 1938 Page 33

   - Ansett’s Revise Schedule                                                                                                                                                AC  Apr 1938 Page 34


Empire Service Developments  (Empire flying-boat service)                                                                                           AC  Apr 1938 Page  26


The Clouston Flight                                                                                                                                                              AC  Apr 1938 Page 30

    (Return flight from England to New Zealand by New Zealander Flying Officer

     A E Clouston & Mr Victor Ricketts in a De Havilland Comet indicates that

     F.O.  Clouston is the finest living long distance pilot)


A.N.A. And A. of A. Report Losses                                                                                                                              AC  Apr 1938 Page  35


Aircraft's Bookshelf                                                                                                                                                               AC  Apr 1938 Page 37


MAY  1936


Cadman Finding Has Lessons For Australia ( Enquiry into British aviation dealing with points of similarity           AC  May 1938 Page   7

  with aviation In Australia)


The Importance of the RAAF In The Commonwealth Defence Scheme                                                                       AC  May 1938  Page  8

   - Details of 3 - Year Plan Involving 8,800,000 Pounds Expenditure

     (By The Hon H V C Thorby Minister for Defence)


The RAAF Displays (During April 1938 at Flemington Race Course  Melb. & Richmond RAAF Base Sydney)           AC May 1938 Page 10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

British Civil Aviation Investigation  - Salient Features Of The Cadman Commission (See also Page 7 May 1938                     AC May 1938  Page 15                               

Aeronautical Radio Developments      - Latest News In The Field Of Aircraft Wireless                                        AC May 1938  Page 17


Leading Manufacturers Reaction to Criticism of British Civil Aircraft                                                                             AC May 1938  Page 19


R.A.F. To Acquire American Equipment - Suggestions of Delay In The Shadow Scheme                                            AC May 1938  Page 21


Developments And Tendencies As I Saw Them Abroad - An Interview With Captain P G Taylor                                AC May 1938  Page 22


Internal Air Mail Service Developments - Darwin Selected For W.A. And S.A. Mail Distribution                         AC May 1938  Page 23


Short Articles

   - Broadbent Again (lowering flight time Darwin to England                                                                                          AC May 1938  Page 23

   - Melbourne Mail Controversy                                                                                                                                 AC May 1938  Page 38

   - Sydney - Newcastle Seaplane Service                                                                                                                 AC May 1938  Page 40

   - Lockheed 14 Arrives For Guinea Airways                                                                                                            AC May 1938  Page 42

   - Beechcraft Model 18D                                                                                                                                            AC May 1938  Page 43


The Royal Victorian Aero Club                                                                                                                                   AC May 1938  Page 24


Air Forum - Searchlight On Views and News of Aviation - by Jacob H. Barker Jr.                                                         AC May 1938  Page 26


Latest R.A.F. Equipment                                                                                                                                              AC May 1938  Page 27


NSW Control Question (of Civil Aviation)                                                                                                                 AC May 1938  Page 34


Newcastle Club Shows Notable Progress - Wide range of Training Machines Operated                                             AC May 1938  Page 44


Analysis of Civil Accidents for 1937                                                                                                                           AC May 1938  Page 48


JUNE 1938                                                                                                                                                                   


Extreme Safety Precautions Urged                                                                                                                             AC  Jun 1938  Page  7


New British Minister for Air Appointed - Hold-up in RAF Programme Causes Concern                                               AC  Jun 1938  Page  8


Overseas Airport Developments  - Jottings From A Tour Abroad (by Capt. A. R. McComb)                                         AC  Jun 1938  Page  9


Short Articles

   - NSW To Pass Control Law (for Commonwealth control of Aviation)                                                                         AC  Jun 1938  Page 12

   - Bend Airport Revival (Fisherman’s Bend Vic.)                                                                                                             AC  Jun 1938  Page 12

   - Training Schemes Advanced                                                                                                                                AC  Jun 1938  Page 16

   - US Executive Praises Factory Progress (Commonwealth Aircraft

                at Fisherman’s Bend)                                                                                                                                  AC  Jun 1938  Page 16

   - New Zealand Developments                                                                                                                                 AC  Jun 1938  Page 17

   - Consistent Growth Of Air Traffic                                                                                                                           AC  Jun 1938  Page 17

   - No decision On Internal Service Re-organisation                                                                                             AC  Jun 1938  Page 29

   - Airtight Cabins                                                                                                                                                        AC  Jun 1938  Page 29

   - Newcastle Club Notes                                                                                                                                            AC  Jun 1938  Page 33

   - K N I L M’s Batavia- Sydney Service Schedule                                                                                                              AC  Jun 1938  Page 33

   - Sleeve Valve Motors In Quantity Production                                                                                                                AC  Jun 1938  Page 34

   - New Fairchild Series (Fairchild model “24")                                                                                                        AC  Jun 1938  Page 37


Pan-American "Dream Ship" Specifications   - Four Manufactures and One Volunteer Tender                          AC  Jun 1938  Page 13                                  

Aeronautical Radio Developments   - Latest news in the field of aircraft wireless                                                         AC Jun 1938  Page  14                         

The Royal Victorian Aero Club                                                                                                                                   AC  Jun 1938  Page 18


The Royal Australian Air Force                                                                                                                                   AC Jun 1938  Page  19

   - Inspector-General of RAF to visit Australia

   - Graduate Parade listed for mid-June

   - RAF Officers return to England on completion of exchange duty

   - Air survey of North Queensland Coast - New Directorate formed to cope with recruiting increase


Metal Production By Drop Hammer Method - Particulars of New De Havilland Plant at Hatfield.                                 AC Jun 1938  Page   20


Details of Latest Junkers Fighter - Diving Brake Makes For More Effective target aiming                                            AC Jun 1938  Page   21


Air Forum - Searchlight On Views and News of Aviation - by Jacob H. Barker Jr.                                                         AC Jun 1938  Page   22


Commercial Pilots Discuss Organisation Proposals                                                                                              AC Jun 1938   Page  24


R.A.F. Long Range Flight Preparations                                                                                                                             AC  Jun 1938  Page  26


JULY 1938.


Internal Reorganisation Plans Released  (Mail service England / Australia & within Australia)                          AC  Jul 1938  Page  7


U.S. Advanced Trainers and Long Range Reconnaissance Planes Ordered for R.A.F.                                     AC  Jul 1938  Page  8

   - Air Ministry’s decision Should Silence British Critics


Royal Australian Air Force Activities                                                                                                                          AC  Jul 1938  Page 10

    - Inspector-General of RAF visits RAAF Stations

    - Report awaited by Minister of Defence

    - Graduation Parade held at Point Cook on June 23

    - Defence Minister’s air adventure focuses attention on lack of modern blind-flight instruments

    - Politicians attempt to capitalise two recent fatal accidents


Aeronautical Radio Developments - Latest news in the field of aircraft wireless                                                          AC  Jul 1938  Page 12


Hawker "Hurricane" Details                                                                                                                                         AC  Jul 1938  Page 13


Short Articles

   - Lorenz Receivers Installed                                                                                                                                             AC Jul 1938  Page  14

   - Stratosphere Precautions                                                                                                                                               AC Jul 1938  Page  14

   - Another Cadman Committee for Production Enquiry                                                                                         AC Jul 1938  Page  15


Inauguration of Empire Flying Boat and K N I L M Extension This Month                                                            AC Jul 1938  Page  15


New Commonwealth Aerodrome Opened - Outstanding Pageant organised by Benalla “Diggers”                            AC Jul 1938  Page  16


The Royal Victorian Aero Club                                                                                                                                   AC Jul 1938  Page  17


Lockheed “14" Has Impressive Performance                                                                                                            AC Jul 1938  Page  19

   - Newest Addition to Guinea Airways Fleet Excels in Speed, Cabin

     Comfort and Payload Capacity


Air Forum - Searchlight On Views and News of Aviation - by Jacob H. Barker Jr.                                                        AC Jul 1938  Page  22


Newcastle Aero Club Developments - Programme Arranged for 10th Anniversary Celebrations                         AC Jul 1938  Page  24


Details of Ju90 Fitted with U.S. Engines                                                                                                                             AC Jul 1938  Page  28


Book Review                                                                                                                                                                 AC Jul 1938  Page  32


 AUGUST    1938


Claims for an Air Ministry                                                                                                                                            AC Aug 1938   Page 9


Milestones of Progress, Capt. E. C. Johnston                                                                                                         AC Aug 1938  Page 10


The Empire Flying Boat Service, Hudson Fysh - Its significance And Australia’s Part in the Plan                              AC Aug 1938  Page 12


The Trail of The Pioneers, H. Nieuwenhuis                                                                                                              AC Aug 1938  Page 13


Internal Reorganisation Plans - Successful Operations In Mail Distribution Scheme                                          AC Aug  1938 Page 14


Air Transportation  - Australian and New Zealand Airline Developments                                                             AC  Aug 1938  Page 15


Aviation Radio - Latest News in the Field Of Aircraft Wireless                                                                                AC  Aug 1938  Page 16


Aero Club News     - Royal Victorian Aero Club                                                                                                        AC Aug 1938  Page  17


U.S.  Private and Commercial Aircraft Details  (List of various aircraft types with photographs - a substantial article)             AC Aug  1938 Page  19                               

U.S.  Aircraft Engine Specifications (List of various aircraft engines with photographs - a substantial article)                         AC Aug 1938  Page  23                                                                 

New  Types                                                                                                                                                                   AC Aug  1938  Page  38

   - Ryan Military Trainer & Beechcraft Model F17D

   - DC-4 & Boeing 314 Flying Boat Tests


Short Articles

   - The RAAF                                                                                                                                                                AC  Aug  1938  Page  42

   - The Commonwealth aircraft Corp.                                                                                                                        AC  Aug  1938  Page  43

   - A Commercial Sleeve Valve Aero Engine for the Empire air Route                                                                             AC  Aug  1938  Page  43

   - Mercury Crosses Atlantic (The upper component of the Mayo composite aircraft)                                       AC  Aug  1938  Page  43

   - Round World Record                                                                                                                                            AC  Aug  1938  Page  47

   - RAF Non-Stop Flight                                                                                                                                             AC  Aug  1938  Page  47


Air Forum - Searchlight On Views and News of Aviation - by Jacob H. Barker Jr.                                                         AC  Aug  1938  Page 46


Improvements for Essendon                                                                                                                                               AC Aug  1938  Page  54




Comfort-Keynote to Transport Progress                                                                                                                            AC Sep 1938   Page    7


ANA's Fine New Building, at Essendon                                                                                                                              AC  Sep 1938  Page    8


The Royal Australian Air Force                                                                                                                                   AC Sep 1938   Page    9


Aviation Radio - Latest news in the field of Aircraft Wireless                                                                                           AC Sep 1938   Page  10


British Air Ministry Report                                                                                                                                           AC Sep 1938   Page  12


Air Transportation.-- Australian and New Zealand Airline Developments                                                             AC  Sep 1938  Page  13


The Hamilton Standard Hydromatic Propeller- By Frank W.  Caldwell                                                                           AC  Sep 1938  Page  14


Aero Club News - Royal Victorian Aero Club                                                                                                            AC Sep 1938  Page   16


The Pan American Pacific Fatality                                                                                                                              AC  Sep 1938  Page  18


Aeronautics Chair for Sydney                                                                                                                                              AC Sep 1938  Page   18


Pan American "Dream Ship" Details                                                                                                                           AC Sep 1938   Page  19

-       Four companies submit designs conforming to minimum Pan-American Requirements


Air Forum - Searchlight On Views and News of Aviation - by Jacob H. Barker Jr.                                                         AC  Sep 1938  Page  22


New Types - The  “Unitwin” Vega                                                                                                                              AC  Sep 1938  Page  24


Short Article- Aust. Institute for Pilots and Navigators                                                                                             AC  Sep 1938  Page  28

     - Germany - US Non-Stop                                                                                                                                               AC Sep 1938  Page   30

     - Trans-America Record (Howard Hughes)                                                                                                         AC Sep 1938  Page   30

     - Record Plans for the Mercury                                                                                                                             AC Sep 1938  Page   34

     - Official Recordings of The Newcastle (NSW) Aero Club                                                                                           AC Sep 1938  Page  36


American Reorganisation for Civil Aviation - Government Control Vested In Independent Body                              AC Sep 1938  Page  35                         




Comments on the Ellington Report    (On the RAAF)                                                                                             AC Oct 1938 Page    7


The Royal Aust. Air Force                                                                                                                                           AC  Oct 1938 Page   8


Air Transportation -- Australian and New Zealand Airline Developments                                                            AC Oct 1938 Page  10


R.A.F. Taps New Aircraft Supply Sources - The Canadian Industry - Aerial Transocean Delivery                     AC Oct 1938 Page   11


Gyroplane Development In Britain      - New Two-Seat Design Announced                                                          AC Oct 1938 Page  13


The Ellington Report (On the RAAF)                                                                                                                         AC  Oct 1938 Page  14


Royal Victorian Aero Club News                                                                                                                                AC Oct 1938 Page 16


New Types                                                                                                                                                                    AC  Oct 1938 Page  18

   - The Moth Minor

   - The Airspeed Oxford

   - Improved Beechcraft Model 18


Short Articles                                                                                                                                                          

   - Australian Institute of Air Pilots and Navigators                                                                                                           AC  Oct 1938 Page   12

   - South African Air Force                                                                                                                                          AC  Oct 1938 Page   12

   - Anti Stalling Device                                                                                                                                                AC  Oct 1938 Page   12

   - Survey Plane Due (D.H. Dragon)                                                                                                                          AC  Oct 1938 Page   12

   - General Manager of De H’s Returns                                                                                                                              AC  Oct 1938 Page   30

   - 14-Cylinder Engine Completes Test                                                                                                                              AC  Oct 1938 Page   34

   - United Aircraft Corporation                                                                                                                                            AC  Oct 1938 Page   34

   - Australian- Made Parachutes                                                                                                                                 AC  Oct 1938 Page   34


Aviation Radio - Latest news in the field of Aircraft Wireless                                                                                           AC  Oct 1938 Page   19


Air Forum   - Searchlight On Views and News of Aviation - by Jacob H. Barker Jr.                                              AC  Oct 1938 Page    22


Composite Aircraft Plans Extended    (The Mercury)                                                                                               AC  Oct 1938 Page   33




Immediate Testing of U.H.F. Beacons Demanded                                                                                                             AC  Nov 1938 Page    7


A Tragedy That Might Have Been Averted - And An Explanation (ANA DC-2 crashed into Mt. Dandenong)             AC  Nov 1938 Page    8

  25 Oct 1938)


Australian-Built Douglases                                                                                                                                          AC  Nov 1938 Page    8


British Productive Capacity Largely Increased - RAF Manpower: Balloon Barrage Develops                                     AC  Nov 1938 Page 


Aviation Radio - Latest news in the field of Aircraft Wireless                                                                                            AC  Nov 1938 Page  10


Australian Training Figures Analysed                                                                                                                                 AC  Nov 1938 Page  12


Air Transportation - Australian and New Zealand Airline Developments                                                                        AC  Nov 1938 Page  13


Notable British Long Distance Flight   (The Mercury)                                                                                               AC   Nov 1938 Page  14


Aero Club News                                                                                                                                                            AC  Nov 1938 Page  15

   - Royal Victorian Aero Club

   - The Newcastle (NSW) Aero Club

   - The Royal aero Club of WA


New Types                                                                                                                                                                    AC Nov 1938 Page  18

   - The Two-Seater Tipsy

   - New British Landplane Airliner


Minister Tours R.A.F. Units in Middle East                                                                                                                AC  Nov 1938 Page  19

   - Extensive Troop-Carrying Developments Predicted


Douglas DC-4 Details                                                                                                                                                  AC   Nov 1938 Page 20


Air Forum   - Searchlight On Views and News of Aviation - by Jacob H. Barker Jr.                                              AC   Nov 1938 Page  22


Minister Opens Wagga's New Airport - Excellent Display Programme Arranged                                                          AC  Nov 1938 Page  23                          

Successful Narromine Pageant .                                                                                                                                 AC  Nov 1938 Page   26


Short Articles        

   - RAF Attempt on Distance Record                                                                                                                         AC  Nov 1938 Page   28

   - Record Night Flight Impressions                                                                                                                         AC  Nov 1938 Page   30

   - “Pressure” Cooling                                                                                                                                                 AC  Nov 1938 Page   30

   - Improved Meteorological Service                                                                                                                         AC  Nov 1938 Page   31

   - Empire Air Increases                                                                                                                                              AC Nov 1938 Page    31

   - The Indian Ocean Fly-Way                                                                                                                                            AC  Nov 1938 Page   32

   - Civil Rated Sleeve-Valve Engine Passes Test                                                                                                              AC  Nov 1938 Page   33

   - Balloon Ascent (Largest balloon ever built)                                                                                                         AC  Nov 1938 Page   35

   - Pioneer Operator Returns (Major Norman Brearley)                                                                                          AC  Nov 1938 Page   37


Flying Training at Lower Cost                                                                                                                                             AC  Nov 1938 Page  34


Explanations of the Albatross Mishap                                                                                                                                AC   Nov 1938 Page  35


New Fleet for British Routes                                                                                                                                        AC   Nov 1938 Page  37


Atlantic Survey Flights                                                                                                                                                 AC   Nov 1938 Page  38





New Political Status For Civil Aviation                                                                                                                                AC   Dec 1938 Page  7


The Year In Retrospect - A Review of Civil and Service Developments                                                                           AC   Dec 1938 Page  8


The RAAF                                                                                                                                                                     AC  Dec 1938 Page  13


The British Aircraft Industry In 1938 - Organisation For Maximum Output - by E. C. Bowyer                                        AC   Dec 1938 Page  15


The Kyeema Inquiry (ANA DC-2 crashed into Mt. Dandenong 25 Oct 1938)                                                         AC   Dec 1938 Page  22


Current RAAF Topics                                                                                                                                                  AC   Dec 1938 Page  23

   - Reply to the Ellington Report

   - Round Australia Flight

   - Co-operation Exercises

   - Pearce C.A.F. Cadets


Aviation Radio - Latest news in the field of Aircraft Wireless                                                                                           AC   Dec 1938 Page 24


Short Articles

   - Modern American Boat Arouses Interest                                                                                                              AC  Dec 1938 Page  27

   - Civil Aviation Administration Changes                                                                                                                AC  Dec 1938 Page  27

   - Flying Doctor Report                                                                                                                                             AC  Dec 1938 Page  28

   - New Fairchild “24K” Flown on Demonstration Tour                                                                                           AC  Dec 1938 Page  46

   - Mascot Terminal Building                                                                                                                                               AC  Dec 1938 Page  50

   - Parachuting (Camden NSW)                                                                                                                                 AC  Dec 1938 Page  50

   - Lightweight Aero Engines (Cirrus by Blackburn Aircraft Co)                                                                             AC  Dec 1938 Page  62

   - Economical Power                                                                                                                                                 AC  Dec 1938 Page  62

   - Canadian-Built Seaplane Tests                                                                                                                             AC  Dec 1938 Page  67

   - European Aircraft Now Available                                                                                                                           AC  Dec 1938 Page  70

   - Still Going Strong (sturdiness of British aeroplanes and military air pilots)                                                            AC  Dec 1938 Page  70


Merging Of Major British Airline Operators - 3,000,000 pounds in Subsidies to be allocated to Single Company                    AC   Dec 1938 Page  28


Aero Club News                                                                                                                                                           AC   Dec 1938 Page  29

   - Royal Victorian aero Club

   - Newcastle (NSW) Aero Club

   - Royal Aero Club of WA


Air Transportation - Australian and New Zealand Airline Developments                                                                        AC   Dec 1938 Page  32


The R.A.F. Long Range Flight                                                                                                                                            AC   Dec 1938 Page  33


Largest British Private Wind Tunnel Opened                                                                                                           AC   Dec 1938 Page  35


New Types - Britain’s New Landplane Airlines                                                                                                         AC  Dec 1938 Page  38

 - Douglas, Boeing Final Tests

   - Three New Aeronca


Trans-Canada Airlines                                                                                                                                                AC  Dec 1938 Page  44


Aerial Survey For Oil                                                                                                                                                    AC  Dec 1938 Page  48


Trade Notes                                                                                                                                                                  AC Dec 1938 Page  58

   - Rotax Electrical Equipment (electric drills etc)

   - Lodge Radio Screened Aviation Plugs

  - “Alpaste” Aluminium Paint


Book Reviews                                                                                                                                                               AC  Dec 1938 Page  60


Air Forum   - Searchlight On Views and News of Aviation - by Jacob H. Barker Jr.                                              AC   Dec 1938 Page 64





DECEMBER 1940   (Loose Copy)


Aircraft Manufacture in Australia -Editorial - National Importance - Beaufort Production                                     AC  Dec 1940  Page   9


Local Aircraft Production : The C.A.C. production                                                                                                   AC  Dec 1940  Page 10

    - An analysis of manufacturing achievements - during the past year ; de Havilland

       Production ; the Beaufort Project


 The Royal Australian Air Force - New Minister for Air takes office; Over 4,000 Air Crew                                     AC  Dec 1940  Page 16

        Personnel in training; State analysis of acceptances; Appointments and transfers


The War in The Air - Contemporary accounts of the War in the Air on all Fronts                                                AC  Dec 1940  Page 18


R.A.F. Sidelights - Officially released Service experiences and facts of interests                                                AC  Dec 1940  Page 20


Instructional Course For Prospective RAAF applicants                                                                                          AC  Dec 1940  Page 21

    - Lesson 8: Mechanics and Physics Moment of a Force, Couple

    - Lesson 9: Centre of Gravity


Book Reviews                                                                                                                                                              AC  Dec 1940  Page 36


News of The Month - QANTAS to deliver PBYS’; PBY’s for Netherlands too; further Japanese                          AC  Dec 1940  Page 38

   Expansion; Empire service to be accelerated; South Coast route resumed; then page 46

   Consolidated Aircraft Corp. absorb Hall Aluminum Aircraft Corp; Morse Code instruction;

   Fireproof Tanks (fuel tanks); AWA special annex.



JANUARY   1941


American Warplane Supply   - How the U.S.A. is assisting Britain and expectations for the New Year             AC  Jan 1941 Page    7


The War In The Air - Contemporary accounts of the war in the air on all fronts                                                  AC  Jan 1941 Page  12


The Royal Australian Air Force  - Activities at home and abroad                                                                           AC  Jan 1941 Page  14


Instructional Course for Prospective RAAF Applicants                                                                                           AC  Jan 1941 Page  17

   - Lesson 10 - Mechanics and Physics revision

   - Lesson 11 - Density and Specific Gravity                                                                                                    

   - Lesson 12 - Magnetism


R.A.F. Sidelights - Officially Released Service Experiences and Facts of Interest                                               AC  Jan 1941 Page 24


Instrument Troubles   by W Bauld                                                                                                                              AC Jan 1941 Page 28


News of the Month                                                                                                                                                       AC  Jan 1941 Page 36


The Royal Victorian Aero Club                                                                                                                                   AC  Jan 1941 Page  38


A.W.A.  To Manufacture Instruments                                                                                                                          AC  Jan 1941   Page  41





On Commercial Aviation in Australia - Its Contribution to The War Effort                                                             AC  Feb 1941   Page  7


The Royal Australian Air Force - Activities at home and abroad                                                                            AC   Feb 1941  Page 12


U.S.A. Expansion - Huge Manufactures’ Backlogs                                                                                                   AC  Feb 1941   Page 15


The War in the Air -  Contemporary accounts of the war in the air on all fronts                                                   AC  Feb 1941   Page 16


R.A.F. Sidelights - Officially Released Service Experiences and Facts of Interest                                               AC  Feb 1941   Page 18


Industrial Course for Prospective RAAF Applicants                                                                                                AC  Feb 1941   Page 20

   - Lesson 13 - Mechanics and Physics - The Magnetic Field of the Earth

   - Lesson 14 - Barometer and Altimeter

   - Lesson 15 - Revision

   - Lesson 16 - Calibration of an Instrument


News of the Month                                                                                                                                                       AC   Feb 1941  Page 32


Lockheed Notes                                                                                                                                                           AC  Feb 1941   Page 38


Aero Club Notes                                                                                                                                                           AC   Feb 1941  Page 40


Notes From the U.S.A                                                                                                                                                  AC  .Feb 1941  Page 42



MARCH 1941


The Twentieth Anniversary of the R.A.A.F                                                                                                                AC  .Mar 1941  Page  8

   - A review of the dramatic beginnings of the Flying Corps, the creation of the RAAF

      and its early struggles, and the vast expansion scheme now materializing


The War in the Air - Contemporary accounts of the war in the air on all fronts                                                    AC   Mar 1941  Page 17


The Royal Australian Air Force - Current activities at Home and Abroad                                                              AC   Mar 1941  Page 20


R.A.F. Sidelights - Officially Released Service Experiences and Facts of Interest                                               AC   Mar 1941  Page 21


Instructional Course for Prospective RAAF Applicants                                                                                           AC  Mar 1941  Page 22

   - Lesson 17 - Mechanics and Physics - Map Projections

   - Lesson 18 - Elementary Meteorology


Book Reviews                                                                                                                                                              AC  Mar 1941  Page  42



APRIL 1941


Whither Trends the War in the Air  by Captain Norman Macmillan                                                                        AC Apr 1941   Page     5


The War in the Air Review - Contemporary accounts of the war in the air on all fronts                                      AC  Apr 1941   Page    7


The Royal Australian Air Force - Current activities at Home and Abroad                                                              AC Apr 1941   Page   13


R.A.F. Sidelights - Officially Released Service Experiences and Facts of Interest                                               AC Apr 1941  Page   17


Instructional Course for Prospective RAAF Applicants                                                                                           AC  Apr 1941  Page  18

    - Lesson 19 - Mechanics and Physics - Meteorology continued

    - Lesson 20 - Mechanics and Physics - revision


News of the Month                                                                                                                                                       AC  Apr 1941  Page   24


Canberra Aerodrome Re-named                                                                                                                                AC  Apr 1941  Page   28


Engineers In Training: Pan American Methods                                                                                                       AC  Apr 1941   Page  30


Aust. Aerial Medical Services - Annual Report                                                                                                          AC Apr 1941   Page   34


New York’s Air Terminal                                                                                                                                              AC  Apr 1941   Page  38


MAY 1941


An Analysis Of American Aid To Britain                                                                                                                    AC   May 1941   Page  7


The War In The Air - Contemporary accounts of the war in the air on all fronts                                                  AC  May 1941   Page  9


The Royal Australian Air Force - Current activities at Home and Abroad                                                              AC   May 1941  Page 15


The Morse Code And How To Learn It                                                                                                                      AC  May 1941   Page  17


World’s Largest Bomber (Douglas B.19)                                                                                                                   AC   May 1941   Page 20


R.A.F. Sidelights - Officially Released Service Experiences and Facts of Interest                                               AC   May 1941   Page 22


When Germans Used US Fighters against Us                                                                                                         AC  May 1941    Page 32



JUNE 1941


Why Not Plastics for Aircraft Production  - by Keith Palmer                                                                                    AC   Jun 1941   Page   7

   - A general survey of the use of plastics in aircraft manufacture abroad.


The War In The Air - Contemporary accounts of the war in the air on all fronts                                                  AC  Jun 1941   Page  10


The Royal Australian Air Force - Current activities at Home and Abroad                                                              AC   Jun 1941   Page 14


American Miscellany: Pictorial Review                                                                                                                      AC   Jun 1941   Page 16


Preliminary Syllabus In Maths For Pilots, Observers, Air Gunners                                                                        AC  Jun 1941   Page  18


R.A.F. Sidelights - Officially Released Service Experiences and Facts of Interest                                               AC  Jun 1941   Page  20


Book Reviews                                                                                                                                                              AC  Jun 1941   Page  22


News of the Month                                                                                                                                                       AC  Jun 1941   Page  30


Aero Club Notes                                                                                                                                                           AC  Jun 1941   Page  32



JULY 1941


A Survey of Australian Aircraft Manufacturing Industry                                                                                            AC  July 1941   Page   9


Aircraft and Engine Production in Australia                                                                                                              AC  July 1941   Page 10

   -  Beaufort Production

   -  Wirraway Production

   - C.A.C. Production  (Commonwealth aircraft Corporation)


The RAAF - Current activities at Home and Abroad                                                                                                 AC  July 1941   Page 19


The RAAF- Pictorial Review                                                                                                                                        AC  July 1941   Page 20


The War in the Air - Contemporary accounts from all fronts                                                                                  AC  July 1941   Page 22


Towards Self-Containment - Two more important Allied Industries In Production                                              AC  July 1941   Page 28

   - A.W.A.  (Instruments)

   - Aluminum Union (Light alloy stock) 


RAF Sidelights - Officially released Service experiences and facts of interest                                                     AC  July 1941   Page 32

   -  Bigger bombs on Germany

   - Training pilots by film.

   - Night fighters “Sits On” enemy drome.


Air Transport - Commercial Airlines                                                                                                                          AC  July 1941   Page 42


Official Aero Club Notes                                                                                                                                              AC  July 1941   Page 44





US production and Aid to Britain - America’s rapidly expanding industry   - a substantial article with              AC  Aug 1941   Page    6

  many photographs


The RAAF - Current activities at Home and Abroad                                                                                                 AC  Aug 1941   Page  15


The War in the Air - Contemporary accounts from all fronts - this article deals predominately with Russia.             AC  Aug 1941   Page  17


RAF Sidelights  - Officially released Service experiences and facts of interest.                                                   AC  Aug 1941   Page  20


Aero Club Activities (Official Recordings)                                                                                                                 AC  Aug 1941   Page  37





The Bombing of Cities                                                                                                                                                 AC  Sep 1941   Page    7


The War in the Air - Contemporary accounts from all fronts                                                                                  AC  Sep 1941   Page    9


With the Coastal Command (Pictorial)                                                                                                                      AC  Sep 1941   Page  12


The RAAF (Official Releases) - Current activities at Home and Abroad                                                                 AC  Sep 1941   Page  14


Australians in Canada (Pictorial)                                                                                                                               AC  Sep 1941   Page  16


Pan American Navigation Practice - New interchangeability system for Trans-Pacific Service                          AC  Sep 1941   Page  18


RAF Sidelights - Officially released Service experiences and facts of interest                                                     AC  Sep 1941   Page  20


Parachute Manufacture; The Turner parachute Pty Ltd                                                                                            AC  Sep 1941   Page  30


Aero Club Activities                                                                                                                                                      AC  Sep 1941   Page  36





The Army and Air Power                                                                                                                                             AC  Oct  1941  Page    7

   - Revival of old controversy

   - Army and Air Force


They Rule the Air for Britain (Pictorial Review)                                                                                                         AC  Oct 1941   Page    9


The War in the Air  - Contemporary accounts from all fronts                                                                                 AC  Oct 1941   Page   14

    - “We have a rendezvous over Berlin” - Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal in

    his message to the Red Air Force


The RAAF - Current activities at Home and Abroad                                                                                                 AC Oct 1941   Page   16


RAAF Cameo (Pictorial)                                                                                                                                              AC  Oct 1941  Page   17


RAF Sidelights - Officially released Service experiences and facts of interest                                                     AC  Oct 1941  Page   20


“Stratosphere Conditioning”  - a short article with photographs                                                                           AC  Oct 1941  Page   26


Aero Club Notes                                                                                                                                                           AC  Oct 1941  Page   36


American Notes - New innovations speed production                                                                                            AC Oct 1941  Page    37




Labour Government Takes Office (Australia)                                                                                                            AC  Nov  1941  Page   7


G.M.H Now Play an Important Role in Aircraft Production                                                                                      AC  Nov  1941  Page   8


The War in the Air  - Contemporary accounts from all fronts                                                                                 AC  Nov  1941  Page 12


The RAAF - Current activities at Home and Abroad                                                                                                 AC  Nov  1941  Page 15


Gunnery Instruction - Pictorial                                                                                                                                   AC  Nov  1941  Page 17


RAF Sidelights - Officially released Service experiences and facts of interest                                                     AC Nov  1941  Page  20


Notes From America                                                                                                                                                    AC  Nov  1941  Page 24

   - Martin produces World’s largest flying-boat

   - Improved Boeing Flying Fortress in production


Aero Club Activities (Official Notes)                                                                                                                           AC  Nov  1941  Page 38





The Year in Retrospect   - a survey of RAAF expansion, local production and airline operations during 1941                        AC  Dec  1941  Page  9


The War in the Air  - Contemporary accounts from all fronts                                                                                 AC  Dec  1941  Page 15


With the Fleet Air Arm - Pictorial                                                                                                                                AC  Dec  1941  Page 17


The RAAF - Current activities at Home and Abroad                                                                                                 AC Dec  1941  Page  20


RAF Sidelights - Officially released Service experiences and facts of interest                                                     AC  Dec  1941  Page 24


Book Reviews                                                                                                                                                              AC Dec  1941  Page  28


Aero Club Activities                                                                                                                                                      AC  Dec  1941  Page 46








Happy New Year (Leading Article) - looking at the year ahead                                                                              AC Jan  1943   Page    9


Timber as Aircraft Material     by   H. W. Maley - Timber re-establishing itself as aircraft material                        AC Jan  1943   Page  10


RAAF Trains On Beaufighters - Pictorial                                                                                                                   AC  Jan  1943   Page 14


Beaufighter Details                                                                                                                                                       AC  Jan  1943   Page 15


Medical Selection of Pilots - What it takes to make a good war pilot                                                                     AC  Jan  1943   Page 18


The War in the Air  - Contemporary accounts from all fronts - a brief summary of the situation at the end of 1942   AC  Jan  1943   Page 19


Air War in Two Oceans (Pictorial)                                                                                                                             AC  Jan  1943   Page 21


Digest of World Air News - extracts from activities and lectures of the World’s aeronautical experts                AC  Jan