Data sheets for landing grounds 1933-41

In the Butler subcollection at AAMB is a thick folder, of pages half-quarto in size, that give details of landing grounds that were in use in the pre-war and early wartime years.

They cover the mainland areas and New Guinea.

Many of these airfield areas have since been built upon, some have gone on to become major aerodromes, and some have probably disappeared without trace.

Mike McGree, a volunteer at AAMB, is preparing the images for internet publication. They print well on A4 pages. As they are available, they will be added to this website.

List of airfields in alphabetical order

List of airfields in alphabetic order by state or territory

Also we have RAF Publicaton 184a, a booklet of NSW landing grounds, which has some interesting material including background material and route details for long flights.


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