This is a list of files copied and uploaded as a trial. They are correspondence and other items received by Bob Wills

The numbers are the date in the form yyyymmdd and the rest of the name indicates contents. Where dates are not known an estimate is made. This will be obvious from the  uploaded material.

Many of these were probably published in AHSA publications. This I have to investigate


19311131 application for licence renewal.pdf

19400630 C J Pope re EATS training at Tamworth and Benalla.pdf

19450208 loss of RAAF Liberator A72-124 Cunderdin WA re sinking of  US ship Peter Sylvester.pdf

19890927 aircraft at HMAS Albatross and museum.pdf

19900117 book review Medew up North in fortythree.pdf

19900529 R Adkins RFDS VH-REM Mooney at Jandakot.pdf

19900630 Daw  and Davies re Sea Venon.pdf

19900630 Re Moth VH-UOT.pdf

19910630 DH-60 Moth in Australia.pdf  Probably published elsewhere

19910809 restoring Avro Tutor.pdf

19910939 D Dave Sparrow PC-9 reminiscencss.pdf

19911119 T Boughton re Stewart Wilson.pdf

19920106 Stewart Wilson re adverse criticism of his books.pdf

19920216 L Edmunds paper foundation documents of Aust civil aviation.pdf