A16 Lockheed Hudson

A16-8 crash at Darwin, 16 August 1941

A16-9 shot down in Malaya 1942: name plate preserved at Amberley 1977

Minor information about A16-22, RAAF display aircraft

A16-27, crash off Queensland coast, 13 August 1940

A16-38, official report of crash Bairnsdale 27 October 1942.

A16-39, crash in Gippsland, 12 June 1942

A16-47, crash at Bowen, Queensland, 29 July 1945

A16-58, crash at Freemans Creek, June 17 1940

A16-68, crash at Windsor, WAAAF killed with others, 22 December 1944

A16-83 crash at Broome, 8 September 1940

A16-89 crash at Bairnsdale, 10 August 1940

A16-97 crash at Canberra killing General  Bruendell White, Chief of the General Staff, and Air Minister Fairburn, 14 August 1940

A16-113 crash at East Sale, 7 May 1945

A16-118, official report of crash at Cairns, 5 March 1945

A16-144 crash in South Australia, 17 January 1942

A16-162 crashed in Hinchinbrook Channel, 1942: Memoral plaque unveiled at Cardwell May 1997

A18-173 crash southern NSW November 1942

General collection of articles: of interest are reports of Hudsons in Malaya pre-war, disposal of Hudsons, crash of unidentified Hudson off Yeppoon, July 23 1945


Six pictures of Hudsons, unfortunately with no details, 1 2 3 4 5 6