A17 De Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth

A17-1 Crash at Maryborough, Queensland, 21 February 1942 killing RAF Squadron Leader

A17-18 at 2EFTS Archerfield 1941, poor quality newspaper picture

A17-29 Instructor kllled when he fell out of aircraft November 18 1940

A17-36 Query why pilot killed in crash was killed without RAAF honours

A17-59 Crash at Tamworth 9 October 1940; second file on this incident

A17-65 Crash at Dunreath, Tamworth, 30 December 1940

A17-84 in service with the Royal Navy in 1950

A17-125 crash into tender, 3 killed, ‘somewhere in NSW’ 7 September 1942

A17-139  Policeman killed when aircraft crashed at Googalibee Park Benalla 12 December 1941

A17-152 Collision between woman pilot in civilian moth VH-UAK and A17-152

A17-182 crash at Grong Grong, Narrandera, hitting desk on the ground

A17-252 Tiger Moth collision over The Lakes, Kingsford, Sydney, 5 July 1941

A17-444 and A17-332 collision 8 December 1942

A17-334 presentation by Essendon Council to Minister for Air McEwen, 1941

Article on two crashes, A17-419, A17-482 (at Rockhampton)

A17-452 picture of crash with no details

A17-113 and A17-472 collision in ‘Western NSW’ 24 December 1942

A17-544 in Rhodesia, 1953 as part of Rhodesian air force

A17-587 crash on 24 September 1944 at Daru, Papua

A17-629 with Winjeel replacing the Tiger Moths 1957

Crash of unidentified plane in Middle Harbour, Willoughby, date unknown in 1944-5, Fleet Air Arm pilot Sub-Lieutenant Primrose killed

A17-661 George Medal for heros who saved pilot, Maffra, 1955

Satellite landing ground, Little River, Point Cook, 1951

A17-738 crash at Schofields, 19 December 1948

A17-751 crash at Nhill 9 May 1945

R5106 collision at Western Junction, Tasmania, 30 May 1941

Triple ground collision at Narromine, picture ‘late 1943’

Many aircraft damaged in storm at Narromine, 7 December 1940

Round Table donation of Tiger Moth, 1942

4BC presentation of Tiger Moths, 1945

100th Tiger Moth produced in Australia, 9 October 1940

Last Tiger Moth formation flight to Tocumwal January 9 1957

Tiger Moth production now entirely Australian, 19 June 1941

Tiger Moth donation at Archerfield, 1942

Pictures: A17-538, no details; A17-625 inverted after crash, A17-648, A17-656, unidentified collision, another (?) collision involving A17-108, A17-483,  picture of aircraft at Western Junction, Tasmania