A19 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.Ic, VIc, X and XIc (made in Britain)

The Australian-built Beaufighter is listed under A8, here: the first Australian made aircraft were not produced until May 1944.

A19-4: and A19-41on 7 November 194; two aircraft lost on cross-country flight to Tamworth and Dubbo from Williamtown

A19-5 crash ‘somewhere in NSW’ 13 December 1944

A19-36 and A19-194 collision over the sea in Northern NSW. 11 November 1944

A19-52 caused blackout in Narrandera 27 September 1942 with trailing radio aerial

A19-61 crash in Southern NSW 21 September 1942

A19-139 wreck discovered in 1995 after crash in New Britain November 25 1943

A19-147 crash near Aitape, New Guinea, while flying medical drugs to wounded man: report 22 August 1944

A19-156 David Strachan, pilot: crashed April 6 1944 on Carter Island, near Darwin; propeller preserved at Alice Springs as memorial

A19-183 official report of crash on 28 February 1945, Cloncurry

A19-205 at RSU on Noemfoor, 1944

A19-205 story about crash in Mapia Islands about August 1944

A19-298 crash in NW Australia killing Squadron Leader Wilbur Wackett, son of L J Wackett, about 1 October 1944

Beaufighters at an Operational Training Unit, no place or time given

Beaufighters being repaired at Morotai, 1945?