A2 RAAF A2 Supermarine Seagull V and Walrus

24 Seagulls and about 32 Walrus amphibians were used by the RAAF between 1935 and about 1950. See adf-serials.com for comprehensive details. It is interesting to note that the Seagull was first produced as the result of an Australian order.

The Wills collection of newspaper clippings is as follows:

A2-21: HMAS Sydney aircraft in attack on Bardia - Flight-Lieutenant Thomas McBride Price attacked by fighters, flew to Mersa Matruh, June 21 1940

A2-9, HMAS Canberra

A2-28, HMAS Sydney

A2-15, crash at Brisbane November 28, 1938, while searching for a lost woman, large file, must be printed to be read adequately; another picture here

HMAS Australia aircraft

HMAS Perth, loss of Walrus, April 29 1941

A2-16, picture of wartime crash at Lockhart, NSW, taken by MrV E Schirmer

HD874, the aircraft now on display at Point Cook, after having been returned from Heard Island in 1977. Early picture, later story

Early European losses of Walrus crews: two Australian airmen - George John Isiah Clarke (killed during bombardment of Dakar) and Pilot-Officer Alfred Peter Nurdett Hordern, killed on patrol over North Sea


FIight Lieutenant John Bell, Australian with RAAF. killed during action during the fall of France, June 18, 1940,


Some pictures: A2-9, A2-17, Walrus on crusier, formation of aircraft