A24 - Consolidated PBY Catalina

Articles about the introduction of the Catalinas, September 1940

A24-1 crash at Darwin, reported 3 September 1945, while assisting POW repatriation

A24-9 Story printed 3 June 1990 about survivor of crash 21 January 1941 (Tom Keen)

A24-15 crash at Port Moresby reported 13 October 1942, eight people killed

A24-39 crash ‘off NSW coast’ reported 27 May 1942, also story of pilot Flight Lieutenant Higgins’ various exploits

A24-45 discovery of wreck at Namlea, Baru Island, crash occurred on July 20 1944; second article on the same subject reported 14 July 1994; report of funeral from The Age, 12 August 1994

A24-79 used as houseboat on the Murray about 1980

Unidentified aircraft making rescues in Philippines. Reported 6 December 1944; another such article here

A24-381 crash on Lord Howe Island, 29 September 1948

Catalina seaplane at Katoomba (Catalina Park), possibly A24-202

Catalinas in the South Pacific, article by Alan Bovelt, listing all aircraft including civil registrations

Undated article mentioning the ‘Black Cats’