RAAF A30 Douglas DC-2, DC-3 and C-47

 Most of these aircraft are dealt with in the civil section of the Wills files, to be digitised later.

A30-11 sighting record: Albury, DC-2 mounted on pole, 1987 and 1995; story of mounting the aircraft in 1980

Use of DC-3s to convey MPs to Canberra during coal strike; aircraft was at the time being used for reconnaissance

Purchase of DC-2s for use as ‘flying classrooms’ training Wireless / Air gunners 26 November 1940

A33-2 crash 20 June 1941, near Cootamundra

DC-2 being taken by road to Melbourne Airport for display 21 February 1985

A30-7 crash ‘in NSW’ 15 June 1942