A52 De Havilland DH-98 Mosquito

A52-12 crash at Sydney, June 1944; aircraft was under test and probably this was an adhesive failure

A52-24  crash at Bankstown, 21 September 1944, probably adhesive failure

A52-40 crash in the sea off Northern NSW 16 November 1944

A52-70 crash at Barrington Tops, NSW, 17 April 1945

A52-86 crash near Nelsons B ay NSW 19 September 1945

A52-101 to fly Tasman Sea, probably late December 1946

A52-303 crash near Daly Waters 9 November 1951

A52-307 crash at Alice Springs 9 July 1950, little damage done

A52-319 restoration 1991 at Bankstown; displayed by AWM in 1997

A52-327 crash Casino air pageant 19 March 1949

A52-600 sighting report 23 October 1989; other items re refurbishment (whole-sheet newspaper story, copied in fragments)

A52-605 award of BEM to Sgt M T Goode for crash rescue attempts, Coomalie; crash date August 3 (1945?)

A52-307 crash near Townsville 23 March 1947

A52-616 crash at Alice Springs, 3 September 1945, little damage

A52-1002 established Sydney-Brisbane record of 87˝  minutes, 24 September 1946

A52-1067 crash near East Sale, 11 March 1952; local paper praises good safety record

A52-1063 crash at Archerfield, 9 September 1947

HR614 crash ‘in NSW’ approx 4 August 1945, recorded by Wills as HR614, none of the details match records of ADF-serials

Production-line pictures of Australian-built Mosquitos

GMH Pagewood in-house magazine article on Mosquito wing production, May 1945

Mosquitos being prepared for action, Brisbane, 1945

Mosquitos at OTU, NSW, 1944

Mosquito fly-past over Brisbane, 1944

Crash at Anberley, 30 August 1950, no casualties

Report of 100 Mosquitos ready to fly at Archerfield, 1845