A59 Lockheed Ventura PV-1 (USAF B-34)

A59-55 crash reported 9 December 1943

A59-86 crash, Maryborougn, 30 January 1946

A59-96 sighting report 1995 and restoration story 1997

Air Board memorandum on disposal of Venturas 25 July 1946

Ventura article from Wings Sumer 1986

RAAF records of 13 Squadron activities with Venturas including crash records A59-81. A59-51, A59-52, A59-3. A59-90, A59-13. A59-87, A59-0; activities at Gove from August 1944 onwards, including information about A59-75, A59-83, A59-84, A59-56, A59-60, A59-501, A59-79; activities at labuan A59=99, inauguration of services  to Singapore and Tokyo,A59-72, A59-85. Squadron disbanded at Labuan 31 December 1945

Handwritten file of Ventura accession and disposal; Typewritten list of similar content; another similar file; these files contain information that probably adds little to the more readily available information.