A65 RAAF A30 Douglas DC-2, DC-3, C-47

Crashand accident reports:A65-2 Brisbane 28 March 1942††† A65-6 Labuan 21 September 1945†† A65-56 Milne Bay 11 September 1945 †††A65-60 crash near Omeo, 25 August 1954also incident wtih Dutch and Australian airmen fighting at Merauke 31 March 1945...... A65-61 crash at New Britain 18 September 1945†††† A65-62 forced down on mercy flight and stuck in mud Longreach 1 June 1945†††† A65-64 forced landing at Duranbah, Tweed heads, 3 April 1945 (?)††††† A65-71 hit collier mast at Hexham, Newcastle, (undated)†††† A65-75 crash at Daly Waters NT 26 October 1956 and follow-up story†††† A65-77 crash at Masoct 27 June 1945†††††† A65-89 Crash at East Sale (ground staff man stole aircraft) 29 November 1958††† A65-106 crash at Pearce WA 1 August 1961 †††A65-112 crash at Duntroon, ACT, 19 March 1957 †††††A65-113 crash at Cronulla, Sydney, 28 October 1952 ††††A65-115 crash at Darwin, quick response b y rescue boat, 5 September 1946††††††† A65-116 crash at Rooty Hill 11 May 1950 ††††† Unidentifued aircraft lost propeller in flight 10 July 1975 East SaleDC3 wreckage in Queensland (1991 story)

Willsí sighting notes††† A65-14††††† A65-26 ††††† A95-64††††††††††† A65-30 ††A65-60†††††††††††††† A65-63†††† A65-64†††††††††††† A65-65......A65-67††††††††††††††† A65-68†† †††††††††††††† A65-70†† A65-71†††††††††††††† A65-73 †††A65-78†††††††††††††† A65-80††
A65-85 ††††††††††††††† A65-86†††† A65-88†††††††††††† A65-94†††† †††††††††††† A65-95†††††††††††††† A65-96†† A65-98†††††††††††††† A65-100††††††††††††††† A65-101††††††††††††††† A65-103††††††††††††††† A65-104††††††††††††††† A65-105††††††††††††††† A65-108††††††††††††††† A65-111††††††††††††††† A65-114††††††††††††††† A65-117 (with photo)A65-118 †††††††††††† A65-119††††††††††††††† A65-112††††††††††††††† A65-123††††††††††††††† A65-124†††††††††††††††

A65-43 1947 spraying DDT at Morotai†††††

A65-67 on display at Amaroo Tavern Moree about 1996
A65-69 presented to Gutersloh airfield West Germany in 1988

A65-81 deployment to Antarctica

A65-71 preservation discussion 1988: Aircraft had carried Curtinís body to WA in 1945; see also A65-71 and A65-71 hit collier mast at Hexham, Newcastle, (undated)

A65-72 report of activities at TamworthJuly 1976

A65-60 incident wtih Dutch and Australian airmen fighting at Merauke 31 March 1945

A65-90 Royal Aircraft 1954 also see A65-90 sighting record and this file re A65-123 and also this file

Sale documents A65-91 documents for sale July 1987 A65-121 July 1979

A65-97 in RAAF news April 1960

A65-124 preservation 1981 also see this file not searchable

DC3 at Portland (Victoria) 27 January 1993

DC3 rainmaking 1946 and survey work 1960

DC3 mobile home caravan modification Doug Fawcett (labelled as Jack Fawcett)Unidentified owner, vehicle at Brunswick Heads 1959 Max Muller (1947?) Jeff Carter September 1960 Nirimba trainees September 1992

DC3 use for politiciansí transport, February 1948

DC3 use in New Guinea air force
Disposal of DC3s to Cambodia 1972
Disposal of last aircraft 1981 flypast over Canberra