A9 - Bristol Beaufort

First Beaufort, see also L4448/A9-1001 first Beaufort report May 1941; other early material


A9-13 restoration 1980s

A9-38 1993 article about 1942 combat

A9-52  rediscovery in New Guinea 1987

A9-96 crash 1944

A9-106 1987 discovery of crash site, New Guinea

A9-143 crash August 1945

A9-202 Crash at Texas, Qld, April 1944

A9-288 August 1945 found by search party organised by relatives; later monument work

A9-281 crash at Broadmeadow, Newcastle, September 11 1943: missing lines coroner recommended Aubrey Lock and George Christensen of Broadmeadow for recognition for assistance to the airmen

A9-311 Monument to crash at Mt Lonely, August 23 1946

A9-314 DCA report of crash near Northampton WA, including radio log

A9-350 crash NSW December 1943

A9-417 crash in sea, Victoria, 29 April 1944

A9-432 crash, Bairnsdale, December 1944

A9-436 collision with A9-476, 8 killed, April 1944

A9-450 crash, killing fitter Cyril Harding, other six occupants only slightly injured

A9-451 crash, pilot killed, December 1943

A9-486 career, RAAF Wings, March 1945

A9-557 under restoration 1987

A9-571 escape of pilot Ray Graetz after being shot down in New Guinea, November 1944

A9-580 career from RAAF Wings

A9-700 the 700th Beaufort, September 1944

Beaufort collision, April 14 1943 as featured in famous film

Aboriginal salvage of crashed plane, 1944

Beaufort crash near Moorooka, Queensland, about 1945

Ralph Cusack, Brisbane, restoring Beaufort April 1999

Beauforts spraying for Rutherglen bug in orchards, Cobram, and against grasshoppers in the Mallee

Undated picture of supply dropping, New Guinea, also bombing practice, 1942