The Bob Wills Collection

A small part of the Bob Wills collection is some 40 lever arch folders of newspaper clippings, photographs and individual written records on several aspects of Australian Aviation history.

As an emergency measure, to try to ensure that this material is preserved, I am working to digitise this material and have it available for anyone who would like to host it on the Internet.

PLEASE NOTE: this information is in the form of newspaper clippings, sometimes in photocopy form, stuck on to foolscap paper. The quality of reproduction is also limited by the skill and equipment of the workers digitising this material. However it is not possible to make better copies within the time and resources available. We hope that what is here is interesting and useful to someone.

For problems and further information contact

Tom Lockley

28 February 2017 - a trial of digitising some Bob Wills correspondence etc

The main sections originally planned are listed with hyperlinks to what has been done.

1.      The first A-series of RAAF aircraft: complete, with a small section on Wackett Warrigal and Widgeon

2.      The second A-series of RAAF aircraft: in progress

3.      Civil aircraft 1965-2000

4.      Airmen autobiographies

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