A22 Fairey Battle

These largely retained their Engilish serial numbers as identification.

Bombers from Britain: publicity for the arrival of ‘high performance’ bombers which could assist against attack, May 1940

Assembly of Battles (at Laverton?), May 1940; also picture of Battle towing air target

L5604 crash in Megalong Valley, 1 October 1940, pilot escaped by parachute

L5650 crash ‘northern NSW’, collision while target towing, reported 14 June 1943

L5693 and L5700 collision off Terrigal, NSW, 15 January 1941

L5789, trailing rope over Ninety Mile Beach, Victoria, cut legs off two picnickers, injured 5 others

Recovery of wreck of Battle crashed February 11 1941, near Moss Vale, reported 28 May 1945