Hawker Demon

The Hawker biplane series of light bombers and fighters began with the Hawker Hart of 1927. The Hart was a sensation when it appeared, with a top speed of almost 200 mph, and many variants developed over the next six or seven years. The Demon was an Ďarmy co-operationí version, with a message hook.

They were delivered to the RAAF from March 1935 until late 1938. See http://www.adf-serials.com/ and other internet sources for more information.

The Wills collection consists of the following:

A1-1: picture and caption only

A1-2: accident, Squadron Leader Jones, Director of Training at Laverton 1935

A1-3: Major file on accident at Swansea, Tasmania. February 6 1936: poor technical quality, but worthwhile!

A1-5: picture only

A1-8: the aircraft recovered from the bush near Waratah, Tasmania, in 1977 and later restored at Point Cook

A1-36: Crash at Cootamundra, 7 December 1937: also a paragraph re A1-47 crash1940

A1-47 crash at Werribee, Leading Aircraftsman R. E. Muller, of St. Morris, South Australia killed 1940


A1-51: poor quality copy of report on crash 1938 also this file

A large general file on the Demon

Material on the Demon crash inquiry

Miscellaneous .jpeg pictures of Demons:†††† Sheet 1†† Sheet 2†† Sheet 3†† Sheet 4†† Sheet 5

(I am particularly interested in the use of the Hart-type series in Air Control bombing in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, etc 1919-39 and in the West African campaigns of World War II. If interested, email me at tomlockley@gmail.com )