Second A-series of RAAF aircraft

The first A-series went from A1 to A12. It is not clear why a new series was begun, but it is interesting to note that in both the second and third A-series the A13 designation went to the Link trainer, which never left the ground, and that early pilots were often superstitious!

Once again, the majority of the documents are photocopies of not good quality that have been pasted on foolscap paper. The copies are the best I can make in a very limited time available. In many cases it will be necessary to print the .pdf files in order to read them, and sometimes to cut and paste. I do hope that what has been done is of some use to someone.

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A1 - Hawker Demon

A2 - Supermarine Walrus

A3 - CAC CA-2/CA-6 Wackett Trainer: early Dragon Rapides were also given this number, but most were listed under A33, which see

A4 originally given to the Tugan/Wackett Gannet but mainly used by the Avro 652 Anson

A5 - Westland Wapiti IA & IIA; there are no Wills entries, but see the series 1 Wapiti page

A6 - Avro 643 Cadet

A7 - De Havilland D.H.60 Moth Series. These are actually listed in the first A-series, see this file

A8 - De Havilland DH.50.A  (no information) and also the A8 - DAP Beaufighter

A9 - Bristol Beaufort

A10 - De Havilland D.H.50A: there were only two of these, and only one in use during World War II, no information in Wills files

A11 Taylorcraft Auster

A12 - Bristol Bulldog 11A; same aircraft as in first A-series, see this page

A13 - Link Trainer

A14 - Tugan/Wackett Gannet

A15 - Miles Magister

A16 - Lockheed Hudson

A17 - De Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth

A18 - Short Sunderland (not taken up) and A18 - Short Empire Flying Boat

A19 - Bristol Beaufighter (UK)

A20 - CAC Wirraway

A21 - De Havilland D.H.94 Moth Minor

A22 - Fairey Battle

A23 - CAC CA-4/CA-11Woomera

A24 - Consolidated PBY Catalina

A25 - Airspeed Oxford

A26 - Short Sunderland

A27 - Vultee A-35A Vengeance

A28 - Douglas A-20C Boston/Havoc

A29 - Curtis P-40E/K/M/N Kittyhawk

A30 - Douglas DC-2, DC-3 and C-47

A31 - De Havilland D.H.86A: no information in Wills files

A32 - Percival Vega Gull no information in Wills files

A33 - De Havilland D.H.89 Dragon Rapide

A34 - De Havilland D.H.84 Dragon

A35 - Douglas Dolphin no information in Wills files

A36 - Fairchild 24R no information in Wills files

A37 - Miles Hawk/Falcon/Merlin

A38 - Stinson Reliant no information in Wills files

A39 - Beechcraft 17 no information in Wills files

A40 - Cessna C34 Airmaster no information in Wills files

A41 - De Havilland D.H.83 Fox Moth no information in Wills files

A42 - Lockheed 5 Vega D1-1A no information in Wills files

A43 - De Havilland D.H.90 Dragonfly no information in Wills files

A44 - Junkers G31 no information in Wills files

A45 - Ford Trimotor no information in Wills files

A46 - CAC Boomerang

A47 - North Amercian B-25D Mitchell

A48 - Vought-Sikorsy Kingfisher

A49 - Dornier DO-24K

A50 - Ryan Trainer

A51 - Brewster Buffalo

A52 - De Havilland D.H.98 Mosquito

A53 - Bell P-39D/F Airacobra no information in Wills files

A54 - Waco YQC-6 no information in Wills files

A55 - Lockheed P-38E Lightning no information in Wills files

A56 - Republic Lancer

A57 - De Havilland DHA.G2 Glider

A58 - Supermarine Spitfire

A59 - Lockheed Ventura

A60 - Hawker Hurricane Mk.1

A61 - Northrop Delta

A62 - CAC CA-15

A63 - Link Celestial Navigation Trainer no information in Wills files

A64 - Vultee Vigilant (Not taken up)

A65 - Douglas C-47 Dakota

A66 - Avro Lancaster

A67 - Lockheed Lodestar

A68 - CAC CA-18 Mustang

A69 - Curtis A-25A Shrike

A70 - Martin Mariner PBM-3S

A71 - Noorduyn Norseman

A72 - Consolidated B-24D Liberator

A73 - Avro Lincoln

A74 - Avro York

A75 - Percival Proctor

A76 - Boeing B-29A Washington

A77 - Gloster Meteor

A78 - De Havilland DH.100 Vampire (UK)

A79 - De Havilland D.H.115 Vampire (Aust)

A80 - Sikorsky S-51

A81 - Bristol Freighter

A82 - Vickers Viking

A83 - DeHavilland Sea Hornet

A84 - GAF Canberra B20

85 - CAC CA-22/CA-25 Winjeel

A86 - Hawker P.1081 (Not taken up)

A87 - Vickers Valetta C1 (Not taken up)

A88 - RFD Winged Target

A89 - Lockheed P-2B Neptune

A90 - Percival Prince

A91 - Bristol 171 Sycamore

A92 - GAF Jindivik

A93 - GAF Pika

A94 - CAC CA-26/CA-27 Sabre

A95 - De Havilland Canada DHC.2 Beaver

A96 - Convair CV-440 Metropolitan

A97 - Lockheed C-130A/E/H/J Hercules

A98 - Cessna 180A/D/E

A99 - Hunting Percival Jet Provost

A100 - De havilland Canada DHC.3 Otter