Our previous bulletins:

1. Our original first web page promoting the booklet.

2. May 1: summary of actions taken and possible plans

3. May 7: absolutely useless letter from Scot Macdonald, Parliamentary Secretary assisting Troy Grant, Minister of the Arts. Typical.

4. May 13: brief summary of information given to PHM volunteers on May 11

5. May 17: useless reply from Arts Australia dictated by Troy Grant, letter from Property NSW (no decisions at all on land yet) and Jillian Skinner MP for North Shore 'explaining' the government's arts policy re Sydney arts precinct

6. May 23: largely a repeat of stuff from Grace Cochrane: Jennifer Sanders on similar museum closures elsewhere (none!) and Chronology of the Powerhouse; Debbie Rudder on engineering values of the building; also note re meeting at PHM 28 May

7. June 2: Meetings and protests: last weekend, the PHM protest on Saturday 28 May, the more general protest on Sunday. Meeting of concerned groups re PHM on Saturday afternoon. Sunday 5 June: Meeting at Parramatta re Parramatta pool. Information here. 

8. June 13:  Invitation to presentation at The monthly meeting of the Pyrmont History Group at The Station (the Jacksons Landing community hall) at 58 Bowman Street Pyrmont, Sunday 19 June from 5pm. Report on the rally at Parramatta Swimming Pool, 6 June. MAAS bulletins including interesting FAQs. Other web sites.

9. June 26: Announcing the Upper House inquiry

10. July 10: How to make a submission to the Upper House inquiry; possibility of improving communications between museums and 'affiliated societies', eg historical groups; also a note on Norm Harwood after whom the Harwood building is named

11, August 7: Announcement of the second book dealing with the heritage of the museum as a whole.

12. August 18: General news, reception of booklet 2

13. November 15: General report on Upper House Inquiry

14.December 4: Ms Torres' evidence that Infrastructure NSW is responsible for the 'move' is wrong.

15. January 21 2017: Suzette Meade, North Parramatta Residents Action Group: link to her talk to ASHET, action possibilities

16. February 14: New minister, but the same old old mantra

17. February 18: Report on Upper House hearing outcomes (nil!)

18. April 18: Government remains intransigent: PHM exhibitions etc - are they 'dumbing down'?

19: 26 June: The Budget a fizzer; general gossip

20: July 14: Government announcement: CONSULTATION AT LAST!

21: 31 July: Consultation pre-empted, but the battle is not lost.....

22: 7 August:  Survey closing 14 August

23: 2 November: Three months since last 'fake consultation', no action from goverment

24: 14 March 2018: Interim report from Upper House inquiry; forthcoming Upper House sittings (later cancelled)

25: 27 April: Telegraph articles: why do they know more than we do?

26, 14 May: Upper House hearing 28 May, government releases of information still inadequate, a new round of consultations

27. 26 May reminder Upper House hearing

28. 29 May Report from Inquiry hearing and general info

29. Oops, a numbering error: no such bulletin. Dyslexia rules, ko?

30. 1 June: evidence from Mr Bay Warburton, former chief of staff for Mr Baird

31. 5 July: release of business case, website http://maasbusinesscase.com/ NB this is our site, not 'official'

32. 11 July: an anthem for the movement....

33. 14 July: Introducing http://maasbusinesscase.com/

34: 16 July: Questions arising from examination of the Business Case part 1

35: August 2: work on 'briefing' booklet

36: August 4: Booklet published online

37: August 6: About Parramatta (article from https://theconversation.com/au )