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Heritage of the Powerhouse Museum

What’s at stake in the move to Parramatta

The Powerhouse Museum is unique. It is significant culturally and historically. If we destroy it in the process of creating yet another luxury residential tower or internationalised shopping centre, we are ignoring the long-term economic and social benefits of our heritage. More importantly, if we do not preserve and publicise the remarkable achievements represented by our heritage we have failed those who came before us, and what is worse, we have failed the generations to come.

Read the background to this story

and then read these pages, adapted from the new booklet Heritage of the Powerhouse Museum

PHM is an item of world heritage

It is the nation’s only Arts and Sciences Museum

The heritage of the buildings IS important

…… and the museum has its own heritage.

The exhibits’ home is this museum.

This museum commemorates the bicentenary of Australia, 1988

If we trash the museum, we trash our reputation

We ignore the personal dimension at our peril.

And the move makes no financial sense at all.

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