The Bob Wills collection was passed to the Naval Aviation Museum at Nowra, then to the Australian Aviation Museum at Bankstown.

The museum has packed the main items of their collection preparatory to their move to Camden mid 2017.

However there are some minor items that have not been packed, and these include much of Bob Will's correspondence as secretary of AHSA Victoria.

Some of these items have considerable significance and this is a trial of my work in culling, digitising and uploading some of these items.

There are about 20 correspondence boxes that look like this:

Taking this as a random sample I divided the contents into 4 groups:

At the moment my thinking is

1. Interesting stuff gets digitised and scanned: some of this may have been published and therefore will appear when we digitise publications. This was about 15% of this box.

2. Less interesting stuff gets filed and simple letters eg just cover letters for membership renewal generally get dumped.

3. Newspaper clippings are largely ignored. Trove has made them largely superfluous.

4. Details like aircraft movements can be set aside. Perhaps they can be put on the internet in groups according to airfield if there is a demand for this and if they have not been published in other places.